How to Remix Songs in Traktor DJ (iPad) with New Melodies and Rhythms using the Gater Effect

How to Remix Songs in Traktor DJ (iPad) with New Melodies and Rhythms using the Gater Effect

Hi guys, my name is Jeremy Lim and today we’re
looking at performing with the gater effect in Traktor DJ for the iPad. On tacticle mixers, DJs create rhythmic patterns
by opening and closing the faders to allow specific portions of sounds to pass through.
This is often referred to as cutting, or in our case, gating. It is a key component in
turntablism, but can also be used to add rhythmic and melodic textures to your own sets. While Traktor DJ features faders, they unfortunately
have soft curves – or in other words, they require a greater amount of travel before
they move from minimum to maximum volume, which makes for ill-defined rhythms when cutting.
Thankfully, Traktor DJ includes a tempo-synced gater that does the job remarkably well. To
enable it, open the effects panel, drag down on one of the three effect slots, and select
“Gater” from the menu. Y movement controls the amount of gating you
hear, and X movement controls the speed and filter of the gate. To illustrate, let’s
look at a short performance: For variety we can also incorporate the channel
filter found in the EQ section to help mix up the rhythm. Don’t forget that both effect
and EQ filter sections accept multi-touch input. This means the cursor will move to
the most recent touch point, allowing us to jump between filter and effect positions by
holding a finger down and tapping with a second. And that’s everything for today. Thanks
so much for tuning in, and if you enjoyed the video, there’s lots more to come, so
don’t forget to rate, comment, and subscribe, and if you enjoyed the music, you can find
me and more of it at See you all soon.

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