How to remotely control Ableton Live with an iPad app

Hey, it’s Dave Dolphin at, and today I want to show you how I control Ableton Live using an app
on my iPad. I was looking for something where, through the course of the week of
using Ableton Live to run tracks in our service, where I could make adjustments
without actually having to be in front of the computer. And, I found this app
called touchAble by AppBC. Now, as far as iPad apps go, it’s a little pricey. It’s
about $25, but for something that I use not once but twice
during the whole process of getting ready for Sunday morning, I find that
it’s money well spent. So, the main problem I was trying to
solve when I was looking for this app was how can I mix the tracks while the
band is rehearsing and mix the tracks with the band. So, when we do rehearsal,
obviously you can mix the band—the live instruments—because that’s coming down to the individual channels on the mixer, but the way we have our tracks set up
most of them are summed down to a stereo pair and then those two channels come in
the board. So, how do you mix the tracks with what’s going on live? So, I have this
app that controls our Ableton rig. I press play, and every
individual track from Ableton is represented here on the screen. And, I can
mute. I can adjust volume. all from this iPad, and meanwhile I’m at
the back of the room. And, right there on the left part of the stage is where our
Ableton Live rig lives. Now, because our Ableton Live rig lives here at the keys—so the guy playing keyboard is the one that controls it. That computer is back over here behind
him. I wanted a way that he could very easily start and stop the track without
having to find, like, a certain key on a keyboard or anything like that. So, I
wanted something with big fat buttons on it, and one of the things you can use
touchAble for is you can make these interfaces and you can design buttons or
knobs or faders of any size, any color, anywhere on the screen and organize it.
So, I can press this: it starts the track. I can stop it, and we also use the loop
section sometimes in a service where you might be vamping on some chords and then you press “loop” to get out of that section in Ableton, to move on with the
rest of the service. And, it can live right over here and when he’s ready to
go, he starts the track. And so, that’s how we’re using an iPad app, touchAble, to
control our Ableton Live rig when we run tracks for our weekly services. If
there’s an app that you like to use that’s helpful that you want to tell people
about or if you’re using touchAble for a completely different reason, let us know in the comments below. We’ll have a discussion that way. As always, would love for you to hit the like button. That
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