How to restrict app deletion on iPhone / iPad in iOS 12/13

Hi, in this video I would like to show
you on preventing App deletion from my iPhone usually in our iPhone to
delete the app we need to long press on it. so this app has been deleted now
so to prevent this app deletion from iPhone there is a setting from content
restrictions we can enable it so that when we long press on any app it will
not enable the setting to delete the app so to do that let’s go to the settings we have a screen time under settings tap
on it we have content and privacy restrictions under it just enable
content and privacy restrictions. we have iTunes and App Store purchases
here if you see in deleting app setting select don’t allow so now if I long
press on any app it will not enable any icons to delete the apps from iPhone in
the same way we can disable this setting as well when we allowed to deleting apps again
when we long press on apps it will show an icon to delete app from iPhone thanks
for watching

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