How To Screen Record iOS 10 / 9 – 9.3.3 FREE NO Jailbreak NO Computer iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

How To Screen Record iOS 10 / 9 – 9.3.3 FREE NO Jailbreak NO Computer iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Hey guys this is tanush from Tanush talks
tech back with another video and in this video I will be showing you guys how to record your
iPhone or iPad or iPod touch screen running iOS 10 and below. So to get started head over
to Safari and go to the link down below. As soon as you’re directed hit open and then
hit install. You will soon find the application Air Shou
installing on your home screen. Once done if you try opening the app, you will be restricted
by a pop-up. Now to fix this head over to settings into your general and then go to
profiles. There you will have to trust a profile to enable the app to work. Once done if you
try opening the app it will work perfectly. As soon as you open the app you will be greeted
with the login page so go on and login using any of the platforms mentioned.
Once done you will be able to record your screen. Now you can specify the orientation
the resolution and you can also give you a recording a name. When you’re done hit next
and follow the steps mentioned. Open control centre navigate to your device and select
mirroring. Exit out of there and you will be good to go.
Now when done, to access your recordings click on the top right button. There you will find
a list of recordings, and you could choose to open them or save to camera roll or even
delete them.

47 thoughts on “How To Screen Record iOS 10 / 9 – 9.3.3 FREE NO Jailbreak NO Computer iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

  1. Dude nice video, I was actually gonna make a video like this but what is the font you used for the thumbnail because it looks overpowered😀

  2. Also subbed

  3. Server cannot be found when attempting to go to that website

  4. Its not working

  5. Good video my man.

  6. perfect

  7. I checked through all the comments and it is not working for enybody on ios 10 just like what is happening to me please find another app and do a tutoriol on it or tell us what is wrong with ios 10 like if you agree or reply if you agree now please do this or at least read this.

  8. A

  9. Thank you it works on my iphone5s and ipad mini 2 ❤️😍

  10. Worked fine for me! Thanks!

  11. Wow why would you grant access to an untrusted developer. Fair waring to all who try this – that device is compromised.

  12. Hey for everyone who feels skeptical about this as of today's date (10/26/16) this video and app work! I have an iPhone 5S running iOS 10.0.2 and it works without assistive touch!!! Records beautifully! Thanks for the tutorial!

  13. It doesn't work on iOS 10 😥😢 not fair!!

  14. It really works you just have to follow what he sais

  15. this only records for 4 minutes

  16. Doesn't work on iOS 10 latest version anymore.

  17. Thanks man it works a treat

  18. Works perfectly! I'm starting a Minecraft pe channel

  19. For me it did work yay!!!!!!!!

  20. Thanks! it works on my iPhone 5s

  21. DOES NOT WORK ON IOS 10/10.1.1

    Does anyone know of any alternative screen recorder apps.?

  22. It Says "The Server Cannot Be found" ☠️

  23. He's Indian I am too

  24. Do you have to have microphone and it's not downloading for me!

  25. Boob it does not work

  26. The link doesn't work

  27. I downloaded it but I can only broadcast, I can't actually record and save…

  28. I Can Only BroadCast

  29. guys do not trust this can be anything…FUCK IT FIND SOMETHING ELSE..DONT TRUST THIS SHIT

  30. It doesn't even fucking exist anymo

  31. My one worked but it didn't say record just brodecast

  32. It worked for me but I can't access my videos

  33. I have this app and it works but when I save the videos I made they're glitchy when I skip through or even try to trim the video it doesn't work

  34. it only lets me broudcast

  35. Wherez the damn description

  36. subscribe to my channel

  37. Love u Bieber

  38. Yep another bullshit

  39. Ok. I will eat my curry now

  40. You a e the worst to explain anything

  41. I got iOS 10.3.2


  43. This is a scam. They will take your login credentials for facebook, google & twitter.

  44. Stupid crap air should so old it's only streaming now dumb Indian guy.

  45. Air shou is so old

  46. The link doesn't even work lol

  47. K

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