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Hello! Dear viewers, in this video we will
see how to screen record in iPhone or iPad or any iOS device. We don’t need to install
any app for screen recording in iOS devices because iOS devices has built-in
is screen recording option. So, we just have to enable it. So, let’s see how to enable
it, so if we drag the screen from the top we will see few option there. We can turn
on the camera, Bluetooth or screen rotate options. These are a few options there.
So, we have to just add the screen record option here and then we can just
simply press on that to screen record. So, for this we have to go to settings and
from settings, we have to go to control center and from control center we have
to press here on customize controls. and now we have to add the screen recording option. We have to just simply + here and we can see that screen recording
option is added. So, now if we drag it from the top we will see the screen
recording option here. Before screen recording, you have to check if the microphone is turned on or not. So. to check that you have to just press and
hold it and you will see that microphone is turned off. By default microphone
remains turned off so you have to turn on it before it starts screen recording.
Just press here when it is turned red microphone is on. So, we can just simply
start recording by pressing here on start recording and it is showing the seconds and now it is recording. so when here is a red symbol at the bar, then we know that it is recording. So, whatever we do now it will be recorded. To stop recording you just have to drag the screen. We have to just press here to
stop and your screen record will be saved at gallery. So from gallery you can
check your screen recording so that’s how you can simply screen record on
iPhone or iPad. thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe the channel and hit the bell icon so that you can get notification when the new video is available.

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