How to Send iMessage with Bubble/Screen Effect in iOS 10?

How to Send iMessage with Bubble/Screen Effect in iOS 10?

Hello, YouTube. This is Praveen for TechEmpty back with another
video showing you how to use iOS 10 iMessage Hidden Features like Bubble Effect, Invisible
Ink, and Screen effects. These features are not visible to everyone
and in this video, you will be learning how you can send these effects to friends or family
using iMessage. So, without any further ado, let’s get started. First of all, open the iMessage and type a
message that you would like to send using effects. Now find the blue arrow which is used to send
the message. But you need to long press the arrow key to
reveal new features. Here comes the Invisible Ink where message
body is covered with a pixelated overlay. To view what’s hidden underneath, the recipient
has to swipe the finger across the message. The second one is Gentle where Message body
starts off small, really small, then ever-so-slowly it grows to regular size. Third, here we have Loud where the message
body starts off huge, shakes a bit, then shrinks back to regular size. The last one is Slam where the Message body
slams into the conversation, with a puff of dust rising off the screen. Finally, Select the effect that you would
like to send and press the Blue up arrow. How cool is that! The next is Screen effects. There are five different Screen Effects as
of now. First one is Balloons: A series of colorful
balloons float across the screen. Confetti: A blast of confetti falls from the
top of the screen. Lasers: Disco lasers scan up and down, emerging
from behind the text bubble. Fireworks: A series of colorful firework blasts
take over the screen. Shooting Star: The nighttime sky lights up
as a single shooting star streaks across the screen. And To send the screen effect all you need
to press the Blue arrow. That’s it for this quick video. If you have any issues, do let us know via
comment section down below or contact me directly on Facebook. Do share and thumb up this video if you found
this tutorial useful. Please don’t forget to subscribe to our
channel for more updates on iOS 10. Your contribution is more to us. This is Praveen Signing off. Hope to see you in my next video. Thank you.

17 thoughts on “How to Send iMessage with Bubble/Screen Effect in iOS 10?

  1. Iphone 5s can use ??

  2. Hi, I try and try this nothing happens. Do I have to isntall an app or something????And typing emoticons nothing

  3. Why doesn't this work for me?

  4. Hello,

    I'm trying to hold the blue arrow down but send effects are not popping up. Is there something in the settings that I need to do?

  5. okay so i did this and it now works!!! but my friend sends them to me and it still says ( sent with invisible ink ) but it shows up for him

  6. That's a great video much appreciated! Thank you 😊

  7. On my phone the effects doesn't work .. idk why ? Can you please help me how to fix that ?

  8. That is really helpful thanks!

  9. If your phone wont do it press it harder. Add pressure

  10. You deserve this sub

  11. Very neat! I didn't even know I had this update on my phone. Love it! Thanks for these simple instructions!

  12. Can ppl with the 7 do it

  13. Can you only type certain things?

  14. This works on my Ipad but not my Iphone 7.

  15. It worked

  16. Thanks for explaining that a "long press" triggers the effects screen. I have been so frustrated with my iPhone 6S+ that it wouldn't just send a plain message. Apparently I'm too slow. ( says a long press is >0.5 seconds.)

  17. Thanks so very much. I couldn’t understand why some times it was give me the options and other time not. Got it now. And again thanks I subbed.

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