How to Set a Timer on an iPad to Limit iPad/iPhone Usage

How to Set a Timer on an iPad to Limit iPad/iPhone Usage

Hello, my name is Tara Rocha. I’m a digital learning specialist for BridgingApps,
a program of Easter Seals. Our motto is to bridge the gap between technology
and people with disabilities. Come join us for Tech2. There are several ways to set limits working
on apps on an iPad or iPhone. This video covers one of those ways. Did you know that you can use the simple built
in clock function to limit the time your child spends working or playing in an app? It’s easy and we’re going to show you how. First thing you have to do is set up a password
for your device. So let’s go into the settings app, which is
the grey app with a cog wheel inside of it. The next thing you are going to look for on
the left hand navigation panel, you are going to find the word “passcode”. You will tap on the word passcode next to
the red icon. If you don’t already have a passcode set up
on your device, you’ll be prompted to create one. You’ll then be asked to confirm if you want
to set that password or create a new one. You’ll say use that code and you’ll lastly
be asked to verify that code by typing it again. Probably the greatest thing about this trick
is there is no need to download a certain app to do this. You are just going to use the clock app that
is built in on your device. Along the bottom portion of your screen, you’ll
see four icons. You are going to choose the fourth icon, or
the last icon, TIMER. Make sure that is selected red. You are then going to set the timer for the
amount that you want. So we’ll start with twenty minutes and this
is kind of the hidden secret that is almost magical, you are going to set the sound for
when the timer goes off. So on your screen in the lower center area,
below the clock circle is an icon that says “Radar”. That is the name of the default sound, so
if you have not set your alarms to another sound, radar will be the one that shows up. We are going to set an alarm so that your
iPad or your iPhone goes to sleep after a certain amount of time. So we are going to tap on the sound that is
currently selected. So I’ll tap on “radar” and then I’m going
to scroll all the way to the bottom where it says “Stop Playing”. I will choose “Stop Playing”. The last thing to do, which can sometimes
be the easiest to forget is to tap on the start button which is in the bottom right
hand portion of your screen, so I’m going to hit “start” and I will see my time starts
ticking down. If you are not familiar with the timer app
already, one of the great things about it is a nice visual display as well, so you see
the red circle as it is slowly running out of time. So your children that are not good at reading
numbers and clocks, they can see the time ticking down. So then you can get out of the clock app and
go into any other app on the device and use the device freely. If you ever want to go back into the clock
app you can see how much time is left. When you run out of time the iPad will automatically
go to a locked screen and the only way you can get out of it is by entering the password. Now that you can somewhat control how long
people can be on your device you can use it in various ways. Whether you are a teacher of a one iPad classroom
and have your students working through the iPad in stations or as a parent you want to
give a certain amount of screentime as a reward, using the built in timer is a great way to
limit screentime. We know the importance of limiting screentime
and sometimes we know that giving your child a certain amount of time to play freely is
exactly what they want. If you are looking for a way to keep someone
in a particular app, you’ll want to check out our Tech2 on “Guided Access”. We are glad you joined us for this edition
of Tech2 and we look forward to seeing you next time.

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  4. My parents let me have unlimited screen time so this does not happing to me I am watching this for entertainment purposes

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  6. This is so stupid first of all they can ignore the timer or they can just turn off their ringer so their parents don't hear it

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  9. I've spent hours trying to work out how to just set a limit of one hour or two hours then the iPad ask for a password to continue, not just on one app but the whole iPad. Sounds like a standard simple setting but I can't find it anywhere. Someone please put me out of my misery. Why they make it so complicated to find a simple setting.

  10. Thx. I like to listen to music when I sleep but I dont want it playing all night…


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