How To Sign Out From Google Play Store Or Google Account in Android

Hello guys This is ketan and today I am gonna show you “How to sign out from Google playstore in an android app”. So, I tap on google playstore over here, you can see this I am already logged in in playtore. From here we can not sign out. So, we just go back and tap on settings. Scroll down and you can see here Accounts. We tap on google over here. but sign out option is not here. so we go back again and tap on other accounts. You can see here a google, tap on it. here it showing us all google applications and other option. but, here is a more button, click on it. then click on Remove account. It says “Removing this account will delete all of its messages, contacts and other data from the phone. So, tap on “remove account”. It again ask “Are you sure”. Click on ok. Now, It ask to confirm the pattern. draw your pattern if you have. by the way this is optional. now, you can see google is removed. and we also check it by open play store. you can see this it is asking for email address for login. So, If you like this this video, please like comment share and subscribe. Thank you.

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