How To SPEED Up Your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch 10X using FakeClockUp

How To SPEED Up Your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch 10X using FakeClockUp

hi, this is Luke from today I’m gonna be showing you how to use and
install an app called FakeClockUp FakeClockUp basically just speeds up your
phone or your iPad or iPod touch to make it WAY faster to use
it doesn’t slow down your device or drain your batteries at all it just makes you way faster by increasing
the animation speed here’s an example of what it looks like
if you like to learn how to install and use this application keep on watching so go ahead and tap on Cydia tap on Manage tap on Sources tap Edit and then that Add button type in see at the bottom of the screen once you type it in tap Add source. it will verify and do its thing download some stuff reload some data tap return to cydia tap that search button on lower right hand corner type in FakeClockUp, no space tap install and finally confirm it will download the files needed and type restart SpringBoard when it’s done when it restarts slide to unlock. tap on Settings
scroll down to find FakeClockUp tap on it tap Animation Speed and here is the
list of all Animation Speed ups or down you can choose. I would start
with your 2.5 or 2.0 if you wanna turn it on just select another one and then go back to the one you want and
that kinda like toggles it on now you can see it’s instantly way faster to use the Animation Speed up and everything’s
just way faster opening apps, closing apps changing settings, opening Safari I think just faster so you can choose a
different like a 3.3 way even faster 1.0 is the base speed that’s the normal speed
if you wanna toggle it off just change to 1.0 and that will just get back to normal
2.5x is probably what you want not too fast but it’s not too slow 10x is basically no animation at all it’s go straight to whatever you’re doing
I like a little bit of animation so I like to be on around 2.0-2.5 I hope you found this video helpful enjoy your
speed up device thanks for watching

11 thoughts on “How To SPEED Up Your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch 10X using FakeClockUp

  1. This works amazingly, a good install for sure.

  2. nice nice. i wonder if it affects the battery life though

  3. Great app find! Just found your channel and love it. Keep them coming

  4. Aren't there any problems with this?

  5. Thank you very much

  6. Thanks so much! I've been looking so long for an app like this

  7. no. Cydia sort of emulates the features of iOS, but it's a separate app, so FakeClockUp doesn't affect it.

  8. does this work with ios 6?

  9. ye it does

  10. Icleaner 😉

  11. Works thank you now ill just travel the world with my ipad :3

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