How To Spot a Fake Nokia 3310

How To Spot a Fake Nokia 3310

promise me you won’t look at the couch
don’t even comment on it just trust me there’s nothing going on over there. Hey
what’s up guys Keaton here, [boop, book] I’m becoming an air traffic controller trust me. So I
can’t believe this nokia made a new Nokia 3310 and you’re
probably saying yourself dude this phone looks like it’s from the 90s, is this, this phone you’re talking about this is one of the first Nokia 3310’s. You
guys probably know it if you’re a 90s kid like me you probably own this thing. It’s so durable it’s crazy, they made a new one but here’s the deal. I bought a
fake and I didn’t know about it so now that I have a real one,
here’s how to spot a fake. Oh yeah we broke it no we definitely broke it. Nope, we
didn’t we’re good so yeah guys, this right here is how to spot a fake Nokia 3310 from a real one and usually I don’t really think I care
about a Nokia 3310 but it’s crazy. This phone came from the 90s like I even own
one of these but they made a new one and I want to check it out and see what’s
cool about it but what’s crazy is they’re actually making fakes for this
thing. Who would have ever thought that I would want a fake Nokia 3310 or any of
you guys for that matter. I don’t even know, so I’ll put links down below for
the real one here. So in case you guys are new to the series if you haven’t
seen like the fake iphone 7 vs the real one the Galaxy s8 fake vs the real
one, this thing’s crazy, and if you haven’t seen it make sure you subscribe But
everything you can tell on a fake versus real usually is shown on the box so this
is the fake Nokia 3310 and this is what I honestly got scammed and I saw this
and I’m like alright yup seems legit, wasn’t legit. This is the real
one here, and they got a lot of different pictures, graphs fun stuff this
just has a picture of the phone. This has the jazz, and let me tell ya’, you want
the jazz, jazz hands. You want more fun stuff more fun colours, like you got someone’s tongue on the box like that’s just the fun, time this ain’t
a fun time. No one wants this, this ain’t even good. Who wants a fake nokia 3310 like really bro? Cuz’ every day bro, with the Disney
Channel flow. On the back here you can see the fake one, honestly it looks like an
AT&T box, like I don’t know why I’m thinking that. Same colours and everything, this is the real one you guys can just see it. So we’re gonna open up the fake one first. I
just want to show you guys how weird this is, who wants a fake? Alright so you see? You get the phone right here I don’t know if
you guys can tell but this thing looks pretty big and you’re gonna see in a
second it’s not that big, the real one ain’t that big, here’s the old one. So you guys can see like, it’s a pretty decent size like this just feels
like a TV remote, I don’t really know, and look at the buttons here alright so what else
you get in the box, you get the power adapter I don’t even know, is that? Nope. It’s not for the US. Maybe for the UK fam I don’t really know let me know in the
comments and that’s pretty much it so this is what came with the fake. It
might vary, you guys might pick up a different one you might even get an
extra case or something. Here is the real one. So when you open it up you see the
phone there’s no sticker on it at least the one that I got didn’t have a sticker
this one has a wax sticker, and I’ll talk about that in a second. So what else you get is some real like paperwork like no one reads this stuff but hey this is what
you need to know if you get a legit one you need to look for the paperwork you
need to look for it, and then you get another travel adapter charge it
whatever and the big thing here is you get headphones. That was like the big
thing that I picked up on, I was like alright if you getting headphones you’re
chilling they’re just basic headphones whatever I
guess, fake people you can throw some headphones in there you can fool me but
you’re about to see how weird this is compared to this. So this sticker on here
on the fake it looks pretty weird and how you can tell the real one from the
fake one is just look right now this one’s a lot glossier than this, it’s got kind of more like a matte finish and when you flip it over, you can see like this one just, it
shines more, that’s the best way to look for it here and also look at this I’m
the Nokia captain now, no seriously look at this. This one’s smaller than this one
so legit they made this probably before they even knew a real one existed or
even had one I don’t know, unless you see this video you might think this is the
real size nope it’s shiny it feels could and it’s actually smaller
so when you’re on the front here this sticker’s throwing me off. Why does it say
after carving what, is there a built-in knife here? In the fake one do I become Obe-Wan Kenobi start slashing everyone from Star Trek? So when you turn them on, you see a Nokia screen on this one, this one looks more normal than
this [nokia ringtone]. This just sounds better it sounds more trap and dubstep like you
can throw this in a song and it would work. This just feels like they took the
same sound from the 90s version here I just want to like throw this thing. Check out like the ports, so when you go to the bottom here on the fake, you have your your micro USB port to charge this thing. On the real one, all you had is a headphone
jack. Shout out to you Nokia, you didn’t pull an apple here like I appreciate
your bro. But when you flip it to the top on the real one you’re going to see the
charge port, that is like a dead giveaway right there and I’m looking on the
back, the camera looks the same it’s smaller on this because the phone’s
smaller. But you got to look for like the glossy, it’s glossy, it’s shiny and because
you guys are gonna want to know how durable are these things, I don’t even
know they feel a lot more fragile than like this [phone smashes] brick right here. You can throw this you can drive over with the car and it’s still going to be good. So I want to
actually destroy one of these things drop a like in this video if you guys
want it. Comment down below letting me know how you guys want me to destroy this, go crazy if you want me to get a gun I’ll shoot this thing [gun shots]. I’ll pin the top comment down below, but bro we got to know how durable this thing is. On the buttons
here you can see there’s not that much of a light and if there is a light it’s
blue. I don’t know if you guys can see that too well. On the real one though the
buttons are smaller they’re actually like put into the phone they’re not like
standing out and protruding like on the real one here. So the light on here is like
actually white, so white light. Verse that blue light. So with these fake
phones it all comes down to like how it actually looks. I’m gonna hit the menu on both, and you guys can see how much cleaner it looks you can see messaging is in purple,
any app you hover over the text is actually, did I say purple? It’s orange.
The weirds got me, the fake one has got my mind tripping, I don’t even know my
colours at this point. I got snake pulled up on both here. Oh that it like looks more
fun it’s more fun on here, you got a snake
this is a two-handed job and let me tell you I cannot do this two-handed job. Can
I even get one? Oh I got one! No we’re at two! you can see this one’s a lot more fun
than this one this is just some old stuff that you find on the old, no
I’m not even gonna put the phone down I’m gonna get one. Oh, yes I got one! We did it this is the real one, it looks a lot better. The fake one just looks like trash. So last up, I almost threw the phone… Is the camera. So the new 3310 have cameras the old one doesn’t. I didn’t actually think I’d want this phone, let alone want it
with the camera, but we got it and I want to see how good it is on the real one
compared to fake this is going to be interesting so I’m gonna fire up the
camera tab here. Always have to unlock this thing I don’t like it. Oh this looks
way better on this. I don’t even think you can see, this one too well. Like the
screen isn’t even that good, look from the fake video here. Alright I’m gonna take a
phone, a photo a phone I’ll take a picture with this one here. Like it just
looks bad. On the screen it just looks like it’s from this phone like if this
phone had a camera the old 3310. Okay on the real one I have a, oh that looks way
better. You can actually tell the phone’s yellow. Whoa, that’s crazy. Oh it even
gives you a nice click. That actually looks like a really good photo. You can even
share it on this phone like of course it’s the 2017
3310, it’s smart. [Clapping]. Yes this is awesome! So yeah guys that’s pretty much it for this weird Nokia 3310 fake verse real video. Thank you so much maxitiger and Jubair for having my notifications on. If you guys want a notification shoutout, turn on my
YouTube notifications and let me know in the comments. You’re going to want to do
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Hell’s Kitchen right now I met this random New [man screaming]. It’s been awesome. Where are we? Mid-town in Hell’s Kitchen? Something like

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