How to Sync All Songs on an iPod

How to Sync All Songs on an iPod

How to Sync All Songs on an iPod. Sick of having to manually load music onto
your iPod? It’s faster and easier to sync the music,
using these directions. You will need iPod Computer USB cable and
itunes. Step 1. Connect your iPod to the computer with the
USB cable, and open iTunes. iTunes should automatically load, but if it
doesn’t, just click the icon. Step 2. Select iPod from the Devices list on the left
side of the window. Change the name of your iPod on the screen
so that you can recognize it faster in the future. Step 3. Select the Music tab from the iTunes browser. Step 4. Select the Entire Music Library tab. Step 5. Click Apply and wait for the data to be transferred. Step 6. Eject your iPod by selecting iPod from the
Devices list, and clicking the Eject button; now you’re ready to enjoy your new music! Did you know Apple has sold over 225 million

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  2. Will this work on my iPhone or should I buy an iPod too?!!

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  4. my ipod touch is better

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