How To Transfer Files Between iPhone or iPad and PC or Mac Computer

How To Transfer Files Between iPhone or iPad and PC or Mac Computer

Hi, this is Kirk from iMazing! Today I’m
going to tell you how you can transfer files and folders between your iPhone or
iPad and your computer. In this video you’ll learn how to browse files, stored
by your productivity apps, copy files from your iOS device to your computer or
from your computer to your iPhone or iPad, view items in different ways, sort
files by name, date, size, or kind, and rename and delete files and folders. Unlike computers, iOS devices don’t provide easy access to their file systems. In
fact, most of the files on your iPhone are completely inaccessible to ensure
security and privacy. To view and manage files on the go, you’ll need a file
manager app like “GoodReader” or “Documents” by Readdle. Then you can use iMazing to
transfer your documents to that app and organize them as you see fit.
Note that files you transfer to a specific app are not available to other
apps because of a security feature called “sandboxing”. With iMazing you
can easily see which apps can receive files this way. Click the “Options” icon
when viewing apps, then choose only “Show Sharing Enabled Apps” Launch iMazing and connect your iOS device. If you have Already connected a device and it’s
available via Wi-Fi, you’ll be able to use it without a wired connection. Select
your device in the iMazing side bar, then select “Apps”. Click the icon of the app
you want to copy files to or from. You’ll see a folder named “Documents”. Open the
app’s Documents folder. If the app is storing any files, you’ll see them here.
You can view these files in icon view, list view, or column view. When in list
view, you can click a column header to sort your files by name, date created,
date modified, size or kind. To copy a file from your iPhone or iPad to your
computer, select one or more files and drag them to the desktop or to a folder.
You can also copy files by clicking “Copy to Mac” or “Copy to PC”. If you want to copy
a file to your device, just drag it in to an Apps Documents folder, or click “Copy
to device” and select a file. You can also rename, delete files and more using the
contextual menu.

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