How to Transfer Music from iPod, iPhone, iPad to Computer

How to Transfer Music from iPod, iPhone, iPad to Computer

Hey what’s up? This is Andy from In this video I’ll show you how to copy music
from an iPod, iPhone, or iPad to your computer. And this doesn’t just copy music it can copy
any file from your device whether it’s a picture, video, app, or a song. You can copy anything from your iPhone, iPod,
or iPad to your computer. So let’s say your computer crashed and you
lost everything in iTunes on your computer, but it’s still on your device (your iPhone,
iPod, or iPad) and you need to copy all the stuff from your device back to your computer
so you can have it in both places again. This is how you’re going to do it. This works on Windows computers so the first
thing you want to do is make sure you have iTunes installed. So if you don’t have it just go to
and you can download it for free from there. So download that and install iTunes on your
computer. The next thing you want to do is click the
link in the video description below. It’ll look like this so click on that and
that will start a free instant download of the Leawo iTransfer program, the program that
you’re going to use to copy all the files from your iOS device back to your computer. Once the download is complete go to your Downloads
folder and double click to run and install the iTransfer program. Once the installation is complete you’re going
to open up the iTransfer program. Now the free trial version will let you copy
up to a hundred files from your device to your computer. So if you only have a hundred files to copy
then you can use this totally for free. If you have more than a hundred files just
go up to the Help button here and then choose Register and you can purchase a registration
code that you can copy unlimited files from your device to your computer. Okay the next step is to connect your iPhone,
iPod, or iPad to your computer using the USB cable. Now once your device is connected if iTunes
comes up just minimize it. Now in the iTransfer program you should see
your device pop up here in the left hand side column so click on your device. Okay so here’s my iPad, it’s connected. Now I can copy the music from my iPad to my
computer very easily so I’ll just go into the music section. It’s all selected by default so if I want
to go ahead and copy all my songs from my iPad to iTunes on my computer I can just click
this arrow button on the bottom right, transfer button. Here it shows all the songs I’m going to copy. If you see iTunes in this list you can go
ahead and click Transfer Now, but if you don’t see iTunes you just click this Save To folder
button and then you can go to Change. Since you already have iTunes installed you
can save it to a special folder called Automatically Add to iTunes which will automatically copy
and add the songs to iTunes once you copy them to your computer. So here’s how to get to that folder. It’d be under your profile name then under
My Music, then iTunes, then iTunes Media, and Automatically Add to iTunes folder should
be in there. Just choose that folder and click OK. Now you don’t have to save your files to that
folder. If you want to choose another folder you can
just choose whatever folder you want, but I just like to save it there because it makes
it a little bit easier. So once you have your folder selected that
you want to copy the music to just hit Transfer Now. Okay and once the copy is complete you can
open up iTunes if you saved it to the Automatically Add to iTunes folder it will automatically
be in iTunes. All your songs will be in iTunes now. Now if you saved it to another folder just
go to that folder and all your songs will be there. So that’s it folks. That’s how to copy music from an iPhone, iPod,
or iPad to your computer. Very easy to do, very awesome program. Again the link is in the description below. That’s Leawo iTransfer. Go ahead and get that, and again it doesn’t
just copy music it can copy any file from an iPhone, iPod, or iPad to a computer. If this video helped you out make sure you
give it a thumbs-up, and make sure you subscribe to my channel for more helpful videos like
this in the future. And leave a comment in the comment section
below and let me know how many files that you copied using the iTransfer program. Thank you so much for watching. Keep having fun out there. I will talk to you later. Bye.

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  50. Download Leawo iTransfer ►


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