How To Transfer WhatsApp Data From iPhone to Android

How To Transfer WhatsApp Data From iPhone to Android

Hey guys! Fahed zaman here! In this video, I am going to show you how
to Transfer all WhatsApp Messages from Android to iPhone. or from iPhone to Android easily. If you have switched to a new phone and worry
that you will lose your WhatsApp data after buying a new phone? And all the old messages from your WhatsApp
will not be available with your new device. so we have come up with an easy solution that
will help you to transfer WhatsApp Messages from Android to iPhone OR FROM IPHONE TO ANDROID
easily. Download the MobileTrans software on your
computer, the download link of this software is available in the video description, then
open the software and select “WhatsApp Transfer” module You can transfer Android WhatsApp messages
from Android to Android or iPhone And most importantly, it supports LINE, Viber
Kik and WeChat as well. This software gives u two ways to transfer
WhatsApp messages from one phone to another, 1st method is transfer WhatsApp messages from
phone to phone, and the second method is backup WhatsApp messages to computer, once you have
backed up you can either restore to ios device or in android device. Let’s start with the first method, select
“Transfer WhatsApp messages connect both of your phones to the PC. The WhatsApp messages will transfer from source
phone to destination one. Make sure the positions of source and destination
are correct. If not, click “Flip” to change the position.. Then click “start”. Now, wait until WhatsApp transfer completes,
If there is a large amount of WhatsApp data detected on your phone, it will take some
time to complete the process. Ensure the cables are connected during WhatsApp
transfer. In a while, the transfer will be complete. Then you need to enable WhatsApp storage permission
and activate the WhatsApp on the target phone. Now the process has completed successfully. The second method is to take Backup WhatsApp
Messages from phone to PC select “Backup WhatsApp messages” Connect
your phone to the PC to start the backup WhatsApp messages from phone to PC. And click start
Keep your phone connected to the PC during WhatsApp backup. Wait until the backup is complete, and you
can find all the processes are marked “100%”. By clicking “View It”, you can find that your
WhatsApp backup record exists on your PC. Once you have backed up your WhatsApp data
to PC, you can restore WhatsApp backup to your Android or iPhone. Click “Restore to device”. connect your phone to the PC
Then select the WhatsApp backup files. And click start. Here it may take a few minutes. After each restoring process is complete,
you can find all WhatsApp backup are restored to your new phone

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