How to Update iOS 13 Beta to the Final Public iOS Release

How to Update iOS 13 Beta to the Final Public iOS Release

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
many people ask me everyday if I want to install an iOS beta
how will I then upgrade to the final version once it’s finally released and
many of you are nice enough to help those people out in the comments but I
get asked this question enough that I thought I’d explain it in a short video
and so let me explain a couple things of how they did it with previous versions
of iOS prior to their public release and what they normally do is if you are on
iOS betas iowa’s 13 beta or public beta what they normally do is about a few
days to a week prior to the final release to the public they’ll actually
push what’s called a GM or a golden master or gold master for short people
will actually receive that update by going to Settings General and software
update while enrolled into the public beta or developer beta and you’ll get
that GM update and what that is is the final release that Apple thinks is good
enough for the public to be pushed out to the public a little bit later and as
long as it’s good enough what they’ll do is they’ll just push that out as the
final release and so what that means for beta testers is normally you only have
to delete the beta profile so if you’re a beta tester you’re familiar with the
profile you actually have to install the profile in order to be a beta tester so
to remove yourself from the beta tester program once the final is released
you’ll you’ll have that GM or final version then you’ll just go to general
then you’ll go down to profile tap on the profile and then hit remove profile
reboot your phone that’s usually a good idea you don’t necessarily have to do
that but reboot your phone and you’ll be on the final version and that’s normally
indicated by the actual build number found under about in settings and the
reason I give the build number and many of my update or in all of my update
videos is so that we know which version were actually on so what happens they
push the last version to you or the GM version to you a little bit early you
get to play around with it see if there’s any bugs or major bugs that they
need to fix prior to the release as long as there’s nothing they push the same
exact version to public with the same exact build number
and that’s how we know when it’s a GM or that’s the final release so if you have
that you’re good to go now if they do it differently which they
have sometimes but not normally with major releases all you’ll do is go to
settings go to general software update and install the last update then you can
remove that profile if you don’t want to receive betas anymore it’s really that
simple there’s not anything more to it and you
won’t need anything to downgrade now you will have to upgrade through the betas
or you could remove the profile now and then when the final comes out you’ll be
able to install it but I would suggest keeping that beta profile for now
waiting until the final version the GM is released and then when the final
version is out then you can do as I said before you won’t need itunes or anything
like that you won’t lose any data by removing that profile
I just don’t suggest removing the profile unless you’re using iTunes to
completely wipe and restore your phone back to a previous version so that’s it
hopefully that helps you out and helps answer any of those questions if you
have any other questions or anything you want to ask on how to do if it’s
something I get a lot don’t make another video about it and let you know but let
me know in the comments below if you’d like to get your hands on this wallpaper
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