How To Upgrade Any Windows Phone To Windows Phone 10 (New)

Before We starting, Please have a look at
this, I’m holding a Lumia 640 device, its default factory OS is Windows Phone 8.1, but
you can see its now running windows 10. to prove it let’s go to settings, system, about
and here you can see the system software is Windows 10 Mobile. So let’s begin!
Hi, their guys welcome back it’s been a long time since we have made something specially for
windows phone users, so I think it’s time to do another,
today we gonna be show you How to Upgrade Any Windows Phone To Windows Phone 10 or Windows
10 Mobile. I know I have made a similar video in the past but that method doesn’t exist
anymore or it can only give you the developers preview windows 10, but with this official
and latest method you can upgrade your old windows phone 8 or 8.1 to the latest Windows
10 Mobile, don’t think twice it is the full version without any bugs and we are all doing
it the official way. Before We starting the instructional part, let’s me just tell you
a couple of things, even I mentioned this method will work for all windows phones, what
I meant to say that it will work for the majority of windows phones from the past few years.
to check if you’re model is compatible for this upgrade, please have a look at this.
These are all the windows 10 upgrade compatible devices officially, If you Identify your model
here then you are good to go, otherwise, you’re out of luck, we hope Microsoft will announce
a software version for windows 10 mobile for your particular model as well. You can also
check the device upgradability in the video description as well.
I hope all you have your windows phones fully charged or connected to a power source, it’s
very important! I recommend you to keep your phone connected
to the charger throughout the procedure, otherwise, there is a higher risk, because when we doing
the upgrade especially while its installation process, if the power of your battery goes
down, it will crash your phone and your phone will end up in a state of malfunction.
Don’t worry we can recover it even if that’s the case, but it’s better to take proper
precautions before attempting something like this. And the next thing you have to do is
to make sure you have backed up your all important files and contacts to an external source or
even to the cloud if you have something that important. And the final thing you have to
do is get your phone connected to a proper internet connection like I’m suggesting
you to connect to a wifi source. otherwise, you can use your phone data as well. If you
have done all the above mentioned things then we are pretty much ready to go with the upgrade.
First I will prove to you that this particular windows phone is currently at system software
version windows phone 8.1. Also, I suggest you get the latest update for your current
Operating system, for example, if your phone has windows 8 go to settings update and check
for the updates. And I think there is nothing more to warn
you about So let’s jump straight into the upgrade!
Go to the app store and download this app called upgrade advisor, if you haven’t seen
it in the store, there will be a direct link in the video description, that will get you
straight in the app page. So go ahead and install it. Once it’s finished, you can
open the app. Now follow my instructions. As you can see, we have launched the app and
the first thing you have to do here is to check if the windows 10 upgrade is available
for your particular phone, If your device falls under the model numbers which I showed
earlier, then you don’t have to worry, because there will be an upgrade available for you
for sure. So click on next, and it will do the windows 10 upgrade availability checkup.
It will only take a few seconds. And here we go. as you can see, luckily my phone is
ready for this Windows 10 Upgrade. You can see this green check mark and the upgrade
available message. It sees a very good sign to me. if there is a windows 10 build available
for your device you will be also land on to the same page. Hope you all have an upgrade
available. So let’s continue. Tick the box here which says ‘enable windows 10 upgrade’
Now simply click on next. Now it will check for the updates, it will also take a few seconds.
As you can see this phone is ready for the upgrade, it found the update files so you
can touch done, and the app will close itself. Because it’s already severed its purpose!
Now you need to go to your phone settings and navigate to phone update. And here we
go! As you can see it’s already started downloading the files for the upgrade. Because
I already set automatically download updates if my data settings allow it. If yours doesn’t
start yet, just start the updates download manually and wait until it finishes. This
update files may take you a while to download in some case, but it actually depends on your
internet speed, for comparison, I’m using a 25 Mbps connection to do this upgrade and
if you have a greater connection you can grab the updates faster, otherwise it will take
longer! to give you more light on this, let me tell you the Windows 10 Mobile software
is approximately or nearly 2 gigs or lets it’s around 1.75 GBs.
As you can see it’s downloaded the updates and it starts the preparation for installing
the updates. I think this will take a while, so let’s wait unit it does. And here we
go, it’s just finished the preparation, so touch on the install button. And you will
get here, it is a service agreement form from Mircosoft if you wanna read, just scroll it
down as you read or just click on accept to start the process instantly. and your phone
will restart. And you can see it begins the Window 10 upgrade. and you can check the progress
of the process by simply analyzing the progress bar under this spinning gears. Hope you all
are connected your phone to a power source unless you have the confidence for your battery
life. It will reboot your phone several time while the process, so done get panic and don’t
do anything stupid, the whole upgrade thing is gonna take a long time, so I suggest you
leave your phone alone until it’s fishing. Meanwhile, you can watch something or browse
the web or do anything which pleases you. For me, it’s a mood to play something in
the meanwhile! So see you guys once it does! Have a great time! Hey, guys, I’m back and
it seems we are almost done, it says we’re getting there, and as you can see it’s migrating
your data to the new OS and getting things ready for you. It will also take some time,
so have some Patience, let’s leave the device for a few more minutes and I think that’s
all you have to wait until you enjoy your new windows phone 10. So see you once it does! Welcome back we have just upgraded to the latest and greatest Windows 10 successfully
and it took me about 55 Minutes without counting the updates download time. you can see the
new user interface, or the new look of your phone, of course, it comes with tonnes of
new features and some refreshed old features as well. I know you are excited to try it,
so I’m leaving that part to you, explore more and enjoy. Meanwhile Let me go to settings,
system, about and here is the proof. You can see, now my Lumia 640 is running on the latest
Windows 10 Mobile! If you feel the video helped you please give it a thumbs up, as well as
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tutorial, see you soon with another one!

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