How to use AirPrint on iPad Pro | iPad Pro 2018/iOS 12

hi guys Omarr with the iPad pro 2008
in addition and today it’s just going to be about print
so essentially air print it’s just a Wi-Fi printing that Apple has on its
devices this is the same for you know iPhones or iPads or Macs before forget
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if this is a normal website it isn’t uncut ruk very simple and not
all of the applications have this print facility so you have to sort of look and
see that this can be done but essentially all you do is you go on to
whatever you want to print you’ll do sharing and then you’ll your click the
share and then you click print and then this will come up where it sort of
highlights what pages they are on the website and then you can select a
printer for example you can go on the Apple website the support web site web
page rather and there check if your printer is a compatible my printer and
the model wasn’t on the list so I don’t think it’s updated quite frequently so
but this one was on the list so do check your own printer usually if the printer
is Wi-Fi enabled then it should be able to print using AirPrint so you select
the printer how many copies obviously you have an option to new color black
and white will go black and white and we’ll just do one copy there we’ll go
back and we’ll just hit print and what happens then if that if you bring up the
other windows you’ll have Print Center from print Center you are able to see
the details of the print and when it was printed how many pages all of that what
and also you can cancel so we’ll cancel that there and then this print print
Center will then go away and then you’re back to the start so that was just a
quick look at how to print a using AirPrint on the ipad prep and so
watching guys and i’ll see you in the next one

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