How to Use an Apple iPhone : How to Insert a SIM Card in an iPhone

Ok so you just got your iPhone, or you actually
just want to change some things around whether you have your phone unlocked and you’re going
to go to Tmobile or you’re going to be using another sim card than the one it came with.
Changing the sim cards is a little bit of a pain in the butt, but not the most imposible
thing to do. Of course the one thing you want to do is make sure that your iPhone is off.
What I find is the easiest is using a thumbtack, just like this one here. There is actually
a little hole in the top of your iPhone, right here that you’ll go ahead and press in and
it will slide out just like that. This is a great way to take this out, because doing
it with a paperclip and other things like that becomes a real pain in the butt. So here
is your sim card, and we’ll go ahead and push it out just to show you. Get it out of there.
So here’s your sim card, here’s your sim card holder and of course here is your iPhone with
the sim card part exposed. So once you’re done, whether you’ve changed your card or
you’re going to put another card in, whatever it is, we’ll just go ahead and find the spot.
Make sure the hole is aligned with the hole right here on your iPhone. Lock it in place.
It snaps back in, makes a flush little piece right there, and it’s all done. So once you’re
done you can turn it back on or do whatever else you have to do with your iPhone. That’s
pretty much the easiest way to change your sim card. Just go ahead and use the thumbtack.
I find it the best way.

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