How to Use an iPod : How to Automatically Transfer Songs to an iPod Shuffle With iTunes

How to Use an iPod : How to Automatically Transfer Songs to an iPod Shuffle With iTunes

The iPod shuffle is kind of a different type
of beast, it behaves a little bit differently than all other iPods. Hi, I’m Rokosz, your
digital lifestyle expert. And I’m going to show you how to automatically add songs, to
your iPod shuffle. Well the first thing you’re going to want to do, is to hook the iPod shuffle
up to it’s little charging deck, and hook the USB end of it, to your computer. Now the
iPod shuffle is a little bit different in a few ways, obviously by far, the smallest
unit that it makes, that iPod makes, and it has it’s own custom charging deck, while all
the other connectors for the iPods, pretty much are universal, it’ll work in the iPod,
the iPhone, the iPod Nano, but the shuffle, has its own little tiny docking station. So
make sure it’s set into there, and then you want to go ahead and launch iTunes. What makes
a difference of course, is that it truly does shuffle the music, or you can set it as a
contiguous play list. But since there is no screen to navigate from, it does a lot of
the work for you, but it does it in such the teeniest, tiniest, little thing. So here’s
what we do, once we’re up in the iPhones, iTunes rather,(so many i things) we’re going
to go to devices, we’re going to see Gabriella’s iPod right here, and you’re going to see that
the contents, (excuse me) that the settings right here, are, where we’re going to find
some of the different things to do, okay. We have it done to sync only the checked songs,
alright, and we’ve got some maximum volume limits over here, but it’s the contents where
things get really, really tricky. If you look down here, and I’m going to move this up away
from the dock to see. We have an auto fill feature, and auto fill from, and here’s where
you get the chance to make it a little bit different, from your music file, or from if
you create any play list. It’s a good idea to create a play list here, that’s just for
this particular one, a lot of people who have shuffles, also have other iPod devices, iPhones,
bigger iPods, video iPods, classic iPods, so many iPods, or any other devices that’s
working with iTunes. So you can just say, hey listen, when it comes in, I want to auto
fill from, my top rated. So that way, because I have such a small device, only my top rated
songs go in there. And you simply just hit the auto fill button, all the contents have
been instantly loaded, and then syncing instantly starts. That’s it. Choose it, auto sync it,
make it have a happy day. Hi, I’m Rokosz, your digital lifestyle expert, saying, stream
you later.

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