How to Use an iPod : How to Create a Playlist on an iPod

I’ve got many moods in my music reflects.
Hi, I’m Rokosz, your digital lifestyle expert and I’m going to show you how to make a play
list, right on your iPod. Let’s take a look. First thing is that, you can make a play list
while you’re on the go and it’s literally going to the play list function, selecting
that and literally down to on the go. Okay. Next is there’s a little splash screen up
here that tells you what to do, but basically what happens is is, now that you’ve activated
that part of the play list, you can go through freely to all the songs and side of it and
choose the song, push the button and load it in and on the go play list. Let’s do that.
So we’re going to go over here, we’re going to hit the button here and menu to go back
and now we have the ability to choose all the different categories, whether it be music,
well of course music but, would it be by the artist, by the song, so we’re going to go
up to the most one over here, we’re going to go up. No we don’t want play list, we’re
going to go back out of that, we’re going to go down to songs, we have the most selections.
And I’m feeling kind of a Beastie Boys type of mood. But I don’t want to hear all the
songs, just a few. So I’m going to do, is go to ask for, there we go, and just sort
of hold it down and you see it blink. The blinking means it’s been added to the play
list. I’m going to add a few more random ones here to the play list, Che Che Check It Out,
let’s go to Egg Man, Crawlspace and Hey Ladies, boop and there we go. Now, I’m just simply
go back to my menu, over here up to play list, pushing the center button, down to on the
go, and then boom, we’re back to this here. Now you’re going to see, the only time, the
only thing we saw when we push the button on on the go there was the instructions to
go back and how to do it. Now our chance is to save this play list, okay, to clear the
play list and then just below that, here are the songs that I’ve done in there. So I created
a custom play list on the go, I can save it, I can clear it, I can do it again, so that
way, especially when you’re driving, you’re not spending all your time searching from
song to song to song, ’cause that’s what I intend to do. So while you go, before you
getting start with the car or go in that special event, put together customize play list to
make your personal experience yours.I’m Rokosz, your digital lifestyle expert saying, “stream
you later”.

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