How to Use an iPod : Tips on Your iPod’s Shuffle Usage

How to Use an iPod : Tips on Your iPod’s Shuffle Usage

Hi! My name is Eric. I’m talking to you
today on behalf of In this segment, we’re going through and talking
about the iPod shuffle. The iPod shuffle is very good to us due to the fact that it’s
gum sized; otherwise, very useful. In this segment, I’m going to go through and talk
about the usage of this unit and how we can go about using it for everyday playback. Now,
let’s take a look at the back of the unit. First off, we’re going to talk about the
actual switch itself on the back of this unit, which you can just take your thumb directly
and move directly down to show green. In this case, I’ve moved it all the way down two
clicks into the shuffle position. We move it back up one click; we can put it in the
direct play position, meaning that the actual songs that are on the iPod will go through
and play in order. As far as the front’s concerned, the iPod shuffles control directly
by the circle and the actual play/pause button in the center. Interestingly enough, when
the iPods turned on, it does not immediately play. You actually have to press the actual
button in to actually go through and start it playing. Interestingly enough, also, as
well, the forward and back buttons for a track back and track forward. Also, if they’re
held in will go forward in the actual song itself and if held in on the other side will
go back. You also have volume down, which is the negative at the bottom, and the volume
up, which is the plus at the top. One other thing that’s also interesting about this
shuffle is the fact if the play/pause button is held in, the actual iPod will then flash
amber into hinting that these buttons are no longer active. Simply holding in the play/pause
button for 3 more seconds will make it turn green yet again. Pretty much that’s all
there really is to the shuffle outside of the actual battery button, which is located
here. On behalf of, my name is Eric. Thank you for watching and have a
good day.

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  1. ya how?

  2. the on buttan is on bak

  3. hey expert village.. i really need help…. my ipod shuffle 2 gen i chaged it and then i press play it just blinks orange and green and i cant get it to start and play music.pleeeeeeeease help

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  5. holy crap the old shuffle is huge, my nano is almost the same size but so much better

  6. Very Nice video Eric!!

  7. @8400Nvidia
    lol are you serious? This no longer sells. the newest one on the market is the 3rd gen. one. thats old.

  8. i really like the 1st gen ipod shuffle than the 2nd gen and 3rd gen

  9. fuck that was a fail you forgot to explain alot of stuff about the shuffle u fucktard

  10. @jcskatesalot it means all your songs have been deleted

  11. this is so FUCKING old

  12. Thank you , Eric.  Very helpful!!

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  19. And now I wanna use it.

  20. 2019

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