how to use an ipod touch as a webcam

how to use an ipod touch as a webcam

hey guys marcojuco21 i’m going to show you guy how to use your ipod touch Running 4.1 %um how to %um %uh make your ipod touch camera be a web cam if you don’t have one of those webcams on
your computer so what you need to do is go to the app store and download this one application it’s called iweb iwebcamera i think it cost about $4.99 yep it coast about 4.99 its a pretty good software just laggy little bit %um just to show you guys i’m running 4.1 oops 4.1 i’m gonna what the heck there we go go to about right there i am running version 4.1 so now i already have the application over there so just open this ya iwebcamera you have to download this software on to your computer so it will show you what to do if i go to questions go to manual or send drivers it will make it send to your e-mail and all that so as you guys can see there it says its connected you guys can’t really see that it just says connected so now what i’m going to do is well what what you guy need to do is go to the start menu download that software and it should look like this right there iwebcamera so yep that what it should look like and then so after you launch the application is not really an application just shows you it so now um just gonna go youtube as you guys can see hi guys um i’m gonna switch that webcam to this one right here this one witch is right over here so if i switch it to that its gonna say no connection cause i didn’t run the application and now that i am no running application it be should working as you guy can see there i’m blue for some reason um i think it because my setting yep my settings right here if my camera can focus please focus it says you blue i’m just gonna turn that off cause that makes you screen blue i mean your broadcasting blue so now that it not now its just the same so i can also switch the camera to the front got a lamp right there so ya there just a little bit of lag probably not really there is like a lag you guys can see this but if i go over here its a little bit lagy but that’s normal you don’t have to have it connected you don’t have jailbroken so this has been a tutorial on how your ipod touch or iphone as a webcam so pice have any questions lead down a the comment

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  1. lol we all think the same!!!

  2. As Soon as I saw this comment I stopped watching lol

  3. just buy a webcam

  4. Thanks bro!

  5. Its costs? FUUCK!

  6. Thats Awesome! So Worth It! 😀

  7. App doesn't work

  8. your name is Marcus too??????

  9. Why make me pay to use my own product?!?!?! Just let me stream my shit without paying 5 dollars apple, wow. You wonder why people pirate your apps…

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