How to Use an iPod : Using the Click Wheel Basics for iPod Users

How to Use an iPod : Using the Click Wheel Basics for iPod Users

Hi! My name is Eric. I’m here with Expert
Village today to talk about usage of your i Pod with click wheel. Now, the i Pod, which
I have here today to show you, is an i Pod photo, which dawn magnificent click wheel
with all in one usage of all the buttons under the actual click wheel itself. As you can
see, the i Pod click wheel is touch sensitive. As you move the unit with your finger over
directly, it’s able to directly respond to the actual movements of your finger across
the wheel itself. All of your buttons, for instance, track back and track forward, are
available to you by simply just pressing the wheel on the right or left side. One of the
thing that’s very interesting about this is there are ultimate features about this
as well. The menu button simply acts as the menu/back button. One of the things that you
can do is if you navigate into the menus, you can push the menu/back key to simple return
to the top-level menu. Once you’ve pressed it multiple times, you will get back to the
top menu to where it says i Pod at the very top. Also, if you hold in the menu key for
two seconds, it’ll turn off the back light for you. Hold in for another two seconds,
it’ll turn it back on. Also, with the play/pause key pressed for two seconds, you’re able
to turn off the unit in a standby mode. Simply pushing any of the buttons themselves will
go through and bring the i Pod out of standby. One of the things to know is the fact that
on the very top of the i Pod there is a hold switch. When it is white all the buttons are
active. When it is switched on in red, the buttons on the front of the unit are deactivated
and none of the buttons responds to any of the actual physical movement on the actual
unit. On behalf of, my name is Eric. Thank you for watching and have a
good day.

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  1. Boy, that ipod sure looks dated now. So big and clunky, and kind of an ugly finish. The nanos are quite attractive now.

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