How to use Guided Access in iPhone & iPad! [2019]

How to use Guided Access in iPhone & iPad! [2019]

In this video you’ll learn, how to use Guided
Access on iPhone and iPad and how to lock your iPhone screen to a single app. Hello friends! Welcome back to AppleFrendly. Guided Access is a feature that allows to
lock your iPhone screen to a single app and the user will not be able to access anything
on your iPhone except that single app. This might be useful to you if you’re a
parent and want to give your iPhone to your children for playing games OR may be you’re
a shop keeper and you want to lock your iPad screen to a specific application. So before you start using this feature, you
need to adjust few settings in the iPhone Settings app. So, launch SETTINGS. Select GENERAL. Select ACCESSIBILITY. Scroll all the way down and select GUIDED ACCESS. Now put this toggle ON. Now let’s go through these all settings,
quickly. First one is PASSCODE SETTINGS. Here you can setup passcode to enable and
disable Guided Access feature. This is different than your iPhone passcode. Also make sure that the FACE ID or TOUCH ID
toggle is enabled so that you can quickly enable or disable Guided Access sessions. So now, let’s set the passcode. Create passcode. And re-verify passcode. Now let’s go back and check this TIME LIMITS
setting. If you tap on this SOUND, you can select any
tone of your choice. This tone will alert you, before and after
the Guided Access session end. And the second one is SPEAK toggle. If you keep this toggle ON, it’ll speak
out the time before and after the Guided Access ends. Now let’s go back and check these two settings. First you need to put this ACCESSIBILITY SHORTCUT
ON. This will allow you to activate Guided Access
session from the app directly. Then there is this MIRROR DISPLAY AUTO-LOCK
toggle. If you keep this toggle off, your iPhone will
turn-off the display after 20 min of inactivity during Guided Access session. And if you put it on, it’ll use your iPhone’s
auto-lock settings to turn-off the screen during Guided Access session. iPhone’s auto-lock settings are the ones
that you define under DISPLAY & BRIGHTNESS heading under iPhone SETTINGS. So, if you’ve set iPhone to lock your screen after
5 minute of inactivity, Guided Access will use the same settings. I’m gonna keep this toggle off for this
tutorial. Now go back, select ACCESSIBILITY SHORTCUT. And make sure that the GUIDED ACCESS is check-marked in the list. Now exit the settings and launch the App you
wanna lock your iPhone screen to. Let’s try with Calculator App. Triple click your power button OR the Home
Button if you have one. Now select GUIDED ACCESS from the menu. Now before you start using Guided Access feature,
you need to setup few more settings. First one is, disable the different areas
of the screen that you don’t want user to use. It’s very easy. Just draw the shapes with your hand on the
screen. Like this one. Now hold the corners and adjust the area. You can draw circles also and adjust them
using corner points. If you wish, you can delete these shapes by
pressing this X icon on the left corner. And now once you’re done with that, tap
on OPTIONS on the bottom left corner. Here you can enable or disable all these functions
using the toggles. For example, if you put this SIDE BUTTON toggle
OFF, user will not be able to use side button of your iPhone during Guided Access session. So, you can decide which options to keep ON
and which ones to keep OFF, based on your preference. And you can also set the time duration for
your Guided Access session. Let’s set 1 Minute for a demo purpose. And tap DONE. Now, go ahead and hit START on the top right
corner. If you didn’t set passcode in the settings
earlier, you can set it here also. Now, it should say GUIDED ACCESS STARTED. It means your Guided Access session is active
and user can not exit this app unless He/She has the passcode. Also user can access all the areas of the
screen except this Grey Shaded area. So, that’s how you start the Guided Access
session. Now, as you can see here, it reminds you about
how much time is left before the Guided Access session ends. And once the Guided Access session is over,
it should show you a message something like this. TIME EXPIRED. Now you need to triple click the Power Button. And input the passcode. This will take you to the settings screen
again. Now here, you can either RESUME the Guided
Access session or END it. I’m gonna end it. So that’s how you can end the Guided Access
session. And that’s all for today! I hope you guys learned everything about Guided
Access feature on iPhone and iPad and I hope this video helps you to lock your iPhone screen to a single app. If you liked this video, share it with your
friends and loved ones. I’ll see you in the next one. Until then good bye, take care. This is VIKAS, signing off for the day. Thank you so much for watching!

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