How to use Spotlight Search iOS 8 on the iPad

How to use Spotlight Search iOS 8 on the iPad

In iOS 8, the search capabilities in Spotlight
Search have been greatly enhanced. Not only can you search for things on your iPad but
you can also search for things on the web or nearby places or things on iTunes. So in
this lesson, let’s take a look at Spotlight Search. To activate Spotlight Search, you
swipe down on any home screen, not from the very top because that’s going to activate
the Notification Centre, but somewhere in the middle of the page. That activates Spotlight
Search. If I wanted to search for something on my iPad. Say I can’t find an app because
I’ve got hundreds and hundreds of apps and I’m not sure where a particular app is. I’m
looking for the app called OneNote. If I start typing ‘one’, it will find anything on my
iPad that has that combination of letters. There’s the App, OneNote and then I can just
open that app. It’s also going to find other things besides the OneNote App and if you
hide the keyboard, you can see what else it’s found that has that combination of letters
in it. It’s found a number of mail messages and if you scroll up, anything else that it’s
found. It’s found notes in the Notes App, it’s found a group, so in iTunes it’s found
One Direction. If I wanted to get their music, it would take me straight to iTunes if I tap
that, and it’s also found a Wikipedia article. More things on iTunes with the word ‘One’
in it, any music that I have on my iPad that has the word One in the title and I can also
search the web or search Wikipedia if I type a phrase. If I want to know how to rip a DVD,
as soon as you start typing letters and searching for content based on what letters you’ve typed
in, the more precise your search term, the more precise your results. In this case it’s
not found on the apps, it’s found something I’ve got in a course outline. If I was to
tap that top link, it’s going to open up the Notes App, open up the exact notes and then
actually show me that phrase, ‘rip a DVD’ is there in that note. It’s also found a couple
of notes, so it gives you the top hit first, whatever is the most accurate results. If
you hide the keyboard, there are only two other options. I can search Wikipedia or I
can search the web. If I tap ‘Search The Web’, it’s going to open up Safari and into Google,
because in Safari, I’ve set Google as my default search engine. If you change that in Settings,
you can have it search Bing or a couple of others and there are some results there for
that search term. Again, to delete a search, just tap the cross (X) and if I typed in something
like Video, that’s quite a broad term which means the search results are going to be just
as broad. I hide the keyboard and it’s giving me a whole lot of Apps that have the word
‘Video’ in them or that can play video. Then it goes through the Mail messages that have
the word ‘Video’ in them and there’s a number of them. Anything in the Notes App that has
video contained and then it also finds anything in your Contacts, so it will search for videos
in my Contacts list, or in the Music App, so I’ve got a song. If you turn off the Spotlight
Suggestions, you get a whole different range of results. Do that and go into ‘Settings’,
into ‘General’ and you have the Spotlight Search. I can turn off Spotlight Suggestions
by tapping it and go back. Now let’s search for something called… I’m looking for a
restaurant called the Meat and Wine Company. Just type ‘Meat’. All it’s going to do is
give me the results that it can find on my iPad. It’s not going out to search for anything.
The only results we’ve got here is something that is found in the Bing results, because
Bing is one of the search terms that you can enable or disable in the Settings. I could
search Wikipedia. If I go back into the ‘Settings’ and I turn off Bing Web Results, go back into
Spotlight and type ‘Meat’… I’m not getting anything there. All I’ve been invited to do
is search the web and it’s going to take me into Safari which is going to use my Google
Search or search in Wikipedia. The search results will really be enhanced by keeping
on Spotlight Suggestions and Bing Web Results, so I’m going to go back in and search for
‘Meat’. It’s now going to give me a lot more results. It’s not going to find anything
on my iPad because I don’t have any apps, or mail messages that have Meat in them but
it’s actually found a local restaurant, Meat and Wine Company and it’s just giving me some
possible searches for Bing. If I turned off Bing Search, then all it says is ‘Search The
Web’. If you keep Bing Search on, it actually gives you some suggested search results. If
I tap ‘More Results’ from Bing, then I can get a lot more results, so there’s more specific
searching from Bing and there’s no way you can change Bing to Google. It has to be Bing.
So what else can it do? Just delete ‘Meat’. If I typed in ‘Crown’, so it’s going to find
me the Crown Casino, a bit of information in a Wikipedia article, some search results.
It’s a more specific way of searching. One more. If I was looking for Horrible Bosses,
which is a movie, it’s going to take me to … hide the keyboard. It takes me to the
iTunes Store where I can actually rent the first one: Horrible Bosses, then a bit of
information about the background of that movie in Wikipedia. Some Bing Searches. As you hide
the keyboard and you want to scroll up and down in the search results, you need to keep
within that darker, blue area, because if I tap outside that, it’s just going to stop
Spotlight Search. You go into Spotlight Search. Here is the results of your search. Hide the
keyboard so I can scroll up and down, just got my finger in the middle. Ass soon as I
go outside that boundary, it turns off. Now to set up your preferred settings in Spotlight,
go into ‘Settings’, ‘General’, ‘Spotlight Search’ and this is where you can turn on
or off what you want Spotlight to search for. I have ‘Applications’ as the top search result
because that’s the ones I’m searching for most frequently. If there’s anything there
you don’t want to search for, or you don’t want results for, you can be selective. So
I’m not too interested in any of these. I can just turn them off and then it won’t be
found in the Search results, and you can reorder them. If I felt that Mail was more important
than Applications, then I could change the order. If I wanted the Spotlight suggestions
to be the first search result, I can change the order, and let’s just see what happens.
Go back in and search for something. Search for  ‘Adobe Reader’, looking for that App,
and now it’s giving me a different order. Hide the keyboard and it gives me the Spotlight
suggestions first because that’s the first one I asked for and then the mail messages,
then the applications, and then anything else. You can just rearrange that by going into,
‘Settings’, ‘General, ‘Spotlight’ and reordering them. This is my preferred order. One last
thing. When I activate Spotlight, you’ll notice that I have no transparency showing behind
my Spotlight Search screen. That’s because I’ve reduced transparency in the Settings.
If you want to do that, this is how you do it. Go into ‘Settings’, ‘General’, ‘Accessibility’,
tap ‘Increase Contrast’ and then turn on ‘Reduce Transparency’. If I turn that back off, which
is the default, and I activate it, you can now see the reflection off the apps on the
home screen behind it which to me is a bit distracting. If you want to turn that off,
into ‘Settings’, ‘General’, ‘Accessibility’, ‘Increase Contrast’, ‘Reduce Transparency’,
‘ On’. Now it’s gone. So in this lesson we looked at Spotlight Search and how to use
it to and adjust its settings.

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  1. This doesn't work on my iPad. I went into iBooks and looked at some titles, then put them into a spotlight search and it didn't find any of them. I went into General and all search options were turn on. Any suggestions, thanks.

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