How to use the Apple Pencil | iPad Pro 2018/iOS 12

How to use the Apple Pencil | iPad Pro 2018/iOS 12

hey guys Omarr here with the iPad pro
and an Apple pencil and today I’m just going to show you the basics of how to
use a pencil obviously when it’s all paired up check out my previous videos
in this playlist and I’ll show you how to obviously and pair it up and any
troubleshooting that and you may come across before forget subscribe and also
hit the bell icon to be notified of any new videos that I post so just talking
you through the notes and application itself you can this button here allows
you to add people so essentially if you’re working on something they can you
can share they can add and annotate and things like that so obviously this is
the best thing when you want to scrap a note you can go and share it here so
that’s also an option and obviously that’s a new new page there on the
bottom if you select this icon here you’ll see that you’ll be able to get
your tools so obviously you’ve got like some different types of writing tools so
you’ve got like a pen type tool here you can you can turn this down too to change
the how opaque the beat includes so you can have a really dark and really
lighter things like that you can have it obviously it’s it’s you know depending
on how hard you touch the pencil to the screen the thicker the actual lines will
be but you also have an option here of changing how how the pen will interact
like that so you can do highlights as well so you can change the colors onto
that and the actual sort of tip parts on the screen will change to that color so
for example you could have a green pad but then you’d know that you’ve got a
blue highlight right there which is which is good as well obviously pen and
the same thing you can change it so it’s very soft or you can change it so it’s
very hard and things like that so then this is the eraser so you have an option
here of tapping the side like so and you can switch back as you can see from the
button and switch back from the pan to the
eraser now I’ve set this in the setting so for example if I go into the settings
go down into a pencil and you can basically set it here where you can
switch between the current tool and the eraser the current tool and the last
used and you can show the color palette and obviously you have enough option and
that is incredibly useful whenever you’re sort of made a mistake it can go
back and it doesn’t sort of erase a little bit so for example this stroke
here if I was to erase this it would erase all of it like that but it’s still
useful so when if you were sort of sketching you’d make little sketches
like this little strokes even like this and then if you was to your race you
could just you race a little bit so that would be the technique that you’d use
now this is just the sort of tool that you can grab I love the stuff you can
move it around it’s quite intuitive like that obviously these are the colors you
can’t change these colors so if I was to hold down this black here I can’t change
it for anything else so these are the quick sort of colors that you have and
you stuck with them you don’t you can’t just change them you can go into the
color wheel and change for example you know two different different shades or
whatever color and then that stays there and then you can use another one for you
know the this particular highlights and another one so you can sort of save
colors like that but you can’t actually change these which is a shame cuz that
would have been quite useful and essentially once you’re done you can you
can then go back into your notes save them and essentially just share them or
whatever you want to do that the one interesting thing is that if you’ve got
kids you can now sort of download free sort of coloring so with with the new
feature of marking so Markov is essentially when you download a picture
of any sort you can annotate it now when you do that for example I’ve downloaded
this sort of phrase coloring page for my nephew and stuff and
what you can do is you can select it and then select the pen here and then use
this and you know you can give it to your kids like a color that can do
whatever they want to do you can if you hit the plus sign here you can add text
to it you can type and stuff you can add a signature magnify so you can magnify
grab with the pen grab with your finger it doesn’t work with the pencil but you
can magnify with your finger and you know bring a certain area closer so you
can I guess color you know things like that and then it just gives you more
flexibility with coloring and saving you’ve got can annotate add arrows there
speech bubbles all that good stuff and then obviously you can when you hit done
it saves in the notes and you can you can share the note to whoever by email
or you know airdrop or whatever so that was just a quick look and really a
basics of what you can do with the Apple pencil on the iPad pro this year’s 2008
e95 Pro thanks for watching guys do have a look at other videos in this playlist
and I’ll see you in the next one

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