How to Use XLR Microphone on iPhone – Connect XLR Mic to iPad and Apple Devices

How to Use XLR Microphone on iPhone – Connect XLR Mic to iPad and Apple Devices

iPhones don’t have XLR ports but you can use
XLR microphones on the iPhone with a few adapters. Here’s how. These are two different XLR to 3.5mm adapter
cables. One of them works but the other one doesn’t. The main difference is the 3.5mm plugs. The one on the left is a mono plug and the
right one is a stereo plug. But first, in addition to the XLR cables,
you’ll need this StarTech TRRS adapter that allows audio input into your iPhone. This cable has a 3.5mm plug on one end and
two female ports on the other end. The important thing to notice is that the
plug has 4 silver sections on it. If yours only has three then it’s the wrong
kind of adapter. The other ends allow you to plug in a headphone
and microphone. So in this example I want to plug the mono
XLR adapter cable into the side that has the microphone icon on it. This is the only cable that will work. The stereo cable produces no audio so it won’t
work. Now connect the TRRS plug into the iPhone. Make sure the mic is connected too and here’s
what the setup looks like. For this test I’m using an app called Recorder
Plus. I like this app because I can tell if the
phone is using the internal mic or an external mic with this indicator. To show you that this works, I’ll record something
from the mic. As you can see, when I tap on the mic you
can see the waveform registering the sound in the window. So if you want to use an XLR microphone with
your iPhone, you’ll need the mono 3.5mm to XLR cable and also the TRRS headphone adapter. If you found this video helpful, please give
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8 thoughts on “How to Use XLR Microphone on iPhone – Connect XLR Mic to iPad and Apple Devices

  1. I followed every step, except it still doesn’t work. The only difference is I have an iPhone 7 plus.

    I have this following setup:
    Microphone plugged into XLR cable plugged into phantom power. Phantom power output leads to my XLR mono TRRS cable. I then plug that into a headphone adapter for the iPhone 7 and Tada! I doesn’t work 🙁

    Any help?

  2. I'm looking to upgrade mics for my Winning With Trevor Facebook live shows from my Boya mic that plugs right into my iPhone to a Sony ECM 77B XLR mic, which is the standard for news reporters. I have a Roland Quadcore preamp, that I can plug the 77B into, but, before buying the 77B I'm trying to figure out the best way to go from my mixer to my iPhone 6 (which is how i found this video, googling how-to's). I guess I'd use another XLR cable from my Roland to an adapter like Movo TCB2 XLR (Female) Microphone to TRRS (Male) Smartphone Adapter, and then plug it into my iPhone's headphone port. Sound about right?

  3. hi! excelent video, it's been really helpful. you are using an app called "Recorder Plus" right? it lets you detect if you are using an internal or an external mic. the problem is that i can't find this app. do you have a link for it? or another app with a similar function? thanks!!

  4. Would this work if I bought a 3.5mm Stereo to mono adapter instead of the whole cable? I already have a phantom power supply so I'm not worried about that.

  5. I got the exact adapter in this video but it still doesn’t work. Help?

  6. Couldn’t you just use one XLR female to 3.5mm TRRS cable adapter and skip the StarTech adapter entirely?

  7. Great fix still in 2019. thanks for the tip.

  8. How would I do what the kool guitar kids do on YT by recording amp and electric guitar from Shure SM57 mike to iphone video so I can record quality video and audio to my computer? I have an audio interface already to connect to the mike and computer.

  9. What kind of adapter can I use if I want to use two mics?

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