How to watch YouTube picture-in-picture on the iPad 2018

How to watch YouTube picture-in-picture on the iPad 2018

It’s so frustrating that Youtube doesn’t
have a Picture-in-Picture mode on the iPad, but I’ve got an app for you that adds PIP
to Youtube. Since iOS 9 was introduced in 2015, iPads
have been able to play videos using Picture-in-Picture mode. This works for Apple’s TV app, and
other apps such as Netflix, Google Play Movies and Amazon Prime Video. It even works for
some website videos. It seems like the only thing you can’t watch
in PIP is Youtube. Well you can’t with Youtube’s own app,
anyway. But there’s an app called PipTube that opens up Picture-in-Picture mode for
YouTube. PipTube costs a small amount of money, but
the use you will get from it is more than worth it.
There are no fancy features with PipTube, it just does one thing really well. You find
a video in the Youtube app, hit the share button and copy the link. Then open PipTube,
the video starts to play, and you can press this button to go into Picture-in-Picture.
You can make it even easier by adding a share to PipTube icon into your YouTube app. To
get this icon, go into Youtube, play a video and press Share. Scroll to the end and press
More. Then look at the bottom row of icons. Scroll this to the end and press More. Then
find Open in PipTube, and switch it on. Then press Done.
Now when you want to take your YouTube video into PIP mode, press Share, more, Open in
PipTube, and press the PIP icon. So that’s PipTube. If you find it useful
please let me know if the comments, and also let me know if you know of a Better app for
PIP video. Also please give this video a thumbs up, and
hit subscribe if you’d like to see more videos from me in future.
Thanks for watching.

19 thoughts on “How to watch YouTube picture-in-picture on the iPad 2018

  1. I think PipTube is a nice little app! But I'd love to know if there's a better one out there?

  2. Thx. Got the lite version _- no pip but plays in background – good for music. Thanks again.

  3. That was useful for me thanks!

  4. Work this on iPhone

  5. Thanks for the heads up about this app.

    You can move the PiP icon to the beginning so that you don’t have to tap “More”.

  6. Personally, I prefer simply using one of those "full screen for iPad" bookmarklets you can find on Reddit or some tech pages.. Let's you use ad blocking, and avoid the apps (Which likely have some form of advertising or data mining..)

  7. Go to yt on safari on desktop view n hit home bottom of iPad,,,no need to pay for crap

  8. way too much work

  9. You can do the exact same thing if you paste the link into Safari. This opens browser YouTube & if you “full screen” the video you’ll see the PiP button. No need for an additional (paid) app!

  10. Will the xs or xs max have the p.i.p feature?

  11. Do videos automatically play in highest quality?

  12. Although YouTube videos open in PIP the icon to expand/reduce the screen doesn’t appear. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks 🙂

  13. need for Iphone, it works for mulitple times before week automatically , but then it disable, guide me if something can happen?

  14. Just don’t use the YouTube app.use safari

  15. Pip just watch on phone

  16. U can also go to and the picture in picture mode is there

  17. Will iPhone get the feature

  18. U need to buy the app 99$

  19. Too late? PiP4YouTube is free and works great.

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