How to zoom in on your iPhone or iPad screen with Window Zoom — Apple Support

How to zoom in on your iPhone or iPad screen with Window Zoom — Apple Support

Many apps let you double-tap or pinch to zoom in
on your screen. If that’s not enough,
use Window Zoom to magnify your screen
no matter what you’re doing. Here’s how it works. In Settings, tap General,
then Accessibility, and then tap Zoom. ♪ Music playing ♪ ♪ Tap the switch to turn on Zoom. Drag the handle at the bottom
of the Window Zoom lens to move it. When you’re done, you can
double-tap with three fingers to close Window Zoom. ♪ Now when you need
to zoom in an app, double-tap with three fingers
to open Window Zoom. ♪ Get a closer look. ♪

15 thoughts on “How to zoom in on your iPhone or iPad screen with Window Zoom — Apple Support

  1. This is beautiful

  2. We need dark mode! Give us some god damn features!

  3. Wow!i love apple

  4. Yeah but you see the size of the window? Make it bigger. Have a little finger and move that around a lot isn't the most talented way.

  5. Three finger tap is a little difficult when using the phone with only one hand. Just saying.

  6. Amazing feature of iOS. I almost use it every single day. ✌🏼

  7. Change all in iOS for iPad please

  8. Good work 👌

  9. This very cool 😎 I use for my Pubg mobile game scop

  10. Awesome feature!!! Have you done a video with the hightlighter feature?

  11. Bonjour Google m'a offert un galaxy s10 il m'a dit de comparer avec mon iPhone 4s je trouve que Samsung et mieux que votre iPhone 4s

  12. looking forward to a nice iOS 13 redesign 😉

  13. No need to buy a new flagship phone if you are on Verizon. They throttle "optimize" content from video providers aka Netflix, Google Play, Vudu, etc. shows capability but Netflix shows a very much lower download speed. So no need to have high resolution and fast processors because Verizon limits how fast you can use your phone.

    If I was apple or Samsung, I would sue Verizon. Class action lawsuit? Something….

  14. Someone help me !!!y iPad is zoomed in and I tried the 3 finger method and nothing is working WHAT DO I DO

  15. Please, ADD A PINCH-ZOOM to the zoom commands! Having to use three fingers is extremely uncomfortable.

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