How well do you know Cisco IOS?

How well do you know Cisco IOS?

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  1. Menu:
    Documentation Reference: 0:27
    Network Topology: 0:59
    Cool IOS commands: / + – : 1:35
    Linux options on Cisco IOS: 10:17
    Personalized sections using grep: 12:30

    More information here:
    Cisco IOS Fundamentals:
    Linux Shell:

    Cisco Press Book:
    Good O'Reilly Book:

  2. First here ?

  3. Thanks David 🙂

  4. Thnx for the tips????

  5. Thanks for these tips David.

  6. I appreciate your work sir

  7. You are awesome Mr. Bombal.

  8. From #india sir your doing great job Thanks a lot??

  9. Wow, I didn't know these. I am new to cisco. Thank you for sharing these nuggets of gold ??

  10. Show to learn passion towords network @David bombal tq for everything keep on !!!!

  11. When will be the giveaway be announced?

  12. Thanks for shearing these commands. I didn't know after running a SH RUN command I can filtering the out put by using / key word or + key word. Thanks.
    PS. Unfortunately Packet Tracer 7.2.1 doesn't support these commands.

  13. Just started studying for icnd1 & icnd2 so was great to learn these ways of filtering. /+- Will be using them in the future

  14. Thanks for the content David its great and helpful

  15. Nice compilation of samples of commands from the others video…I am surprised and learned how detail grep can be use with option such as exclamation mark and before reaching the banner timestamps 14:47–16:24

  16. I only lasted @4 minutes before learning something new

  17. Thank you so much Sir ??

  18. dear Bmbal are these command working on IOS 12.x ?
    By the way thanks a lot you are great.

  19. All the vim shortcuts are available as it is

  20. I knew few / commands before from your previous videos… all are added tips of knowledge which u give….luv ur videos…great content ….tq David stay blessed ???

  21. Telecom and Network engineer for 20 yrs and I learned something new at 6:46 – excellent tips, thanks David!

  22. oh nuts i looked at the how long the full video was and thought i would get at least 50% and did not past 10% before learning something new. Thank you!

  23. Thank you very much.
    I love you Sir David so much in the sense of teaching us out of box things and making our life more productive and easier as network engineers

  24. Hi David , Could you please explain about TCL in your upcoming Videos ..

  25. thanks, David.

  26. thanks david for your hard work you are so adorable to learn from
    personly i enjoy atomation video like ansible jenkins and more
    Q:david did u eveer tried about learning programming like the web js dj or coding like apps or anything related to programming …..

  27. Awesome. Busting a gut pushing myself to getting the CCNA I hope before end of November this year. That's my goal. Great video.

  28. Feeling Lucky to have subscribed your channel … Your teaching method is really good ?.

  29. very helpful and interesting, never knew these commands existed in the IOS. thanks for your effort for teaching! i love your work

  30. I've been using Cisco IOS/XE/XR for about 3 years and I got to show run | section router | vty

  31. Hello Mr David
    Thanks once again. Learning new concepts pretty easy way.

  32. Nice Intro David, keep it up 🙂 2:05 Nice filter for the output

  33. Wow, ok filter option is new to me; always used the pipe. Thanks ?

  34. I didn't know any of these methods, i think they are very helpful if u get used to.

    Thanks alot david

    Do you have any courses for CCNP level?
    How to run switches OS on GNS3 i am still new to GNS3?

    Hopefully "Mr.knowledge seeker" show us some advanced stuff of his own

  35. thank you master.???????

  36. great vid!

  37. 2:11 As always, you teach me something new! Thanks for your videos….

  38. Hi David, in previous IOS I can use the command "who" to knows who else consoled the router. But I can't with the new Linux shell in IOS. What command replace that function?

  39. Very helpful
    Thank you David

  40. I got as far as forward slash during display more from the sh ? List

  41. Thank you! Mr. David Bombal for preparing these videos. I greatly appreciate it.?

  42. "terminal shell" to enable the grep features was great. My only question is does the router's cpu take a hit when enabling these features? Great video. Thank you.

  43. Got me at the show ? > more /
    Thanks for the tips!

  44. Enterprise network, 300+ cisco devices, we are a cisco shop NOT ONE IOS OPERATING SYSTEM IN THE ENVIRONMENT. Its all IOS-XE, IOS-XR, ASA, AireOS. Zero classic IOS.

  45. This was a lot to digest. Buffet of information. 10/10 would dine here again.

  46. Thanks David, from the forward slash on was new to me.

  47. Thank a lot. Mr.David. for /

  48. Searching using arithematic operator ( + , – , /) is new to me

  49. I liked it alot, however the linux part is not for me, I just don't feel comfortable enabling linux command on a productive router/Switch

  50. Dear David Bombal Sir from where we can get free Cisco IOS v15.6 free, if possible please share with us the link.

  51. I knew the / but not Linux commands , will have to watch the Linux vid some great information

  52. Very short, but soooo informative. Amazing, thanks David!

  53. The very first shock was VIRL images in GNS!! So I have VIRL account, but I really hate it's interfase. Will test this feature at weekend, ho-ho-ho.
    P.S. Didn't know about "+/-", and "". So, thx a lot!

  54. 4:30 onward. Knew about about more but not + – or that you can enter multiple search terms. Have seen your other video on using Linux commands within IOS, but learned additional parameters/arguments. Will try today at work:)! I find your explanation/teaching style to be very clear whether it be your YouTube videos or Udemy courses, thank you!

  55. The usage of forward slash in "sh run" at 2:50 was the first thing I learned and a very helpfull one!

    Thanks for sharing these "not so known" commands

  56. The use of foward slash with show command.

  57. Hi David,
    thanks for another VERY usefull piece of knowledge that I will use from now. Is SHELL Processing equivalnt available for ISO v 12 also?

  58. Amazing ? as always, All commands new from the begging

  59. Everything on this video was new to me. Thanks for the information. That is the beauty of technology. You never stop learning

  60. great video for building strong foundation.

  61. I Didn't know about "+/-", and "" pretty powerful

  62. Thanks david, i have played a lot with these commands and unfortunately cisco linux lcommands only support a subset of features of the full linux commands and regular expressions.

  63. Hi hello David I wanna know how can I put the username, like CISCO?

  64. It is a mizing video. Day by day you give us a knowledge.. Thanks.
    By the way I have HP Switch can I automate it by using Python? And whitch OS used in this switch? .. Always I say thanks Mr. David.?

  65. Hello::!! Please how i can Change CISCO ASAv VNC Viewer Console to Secure CRT Console.?

  66. Very helpful commands. I didnt know them. By the way, Packet Tracer does not support most of those.

  67. waw ! thanks sir i got it , but i have query , why these command does not support packet tracer ? is their any different between GNS3 & Packet Tracer?

  68. /filtering awesome

  69. Show CDP neighbors, show up ospf database, show running config …….bah bah..

  70. Thanks David! This is a great video! What about IOS 12.x and Cisco IOS Shell?

  71. This is really a nice trick. I learned lots of things

  72. Hi David. Thank you for this series. It is very difficult for me to select a specific timestamp as I am learning from the whole video. I like it and thanks a million. Thumbs up

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