Huion Kamvas GT-191 · Tablet Review · Better Than The iPad Pro??

Huion Kamvas GT-191 · Tablet Review · Better Than The iPad Pro??

Alright guys, it’s finally time to follow
up on my unboxing of the Huion Kamvas GT-191. As I mentioned in that video, this tablet
was sent to me by the company to review, but obviously, all opinions in this video are
my own. So if you want a detailed look at how this
tablet is packaged, what you get with it, and the initial set-up check out that video
in the cards or linked in the description below this video. Since then, I’ve spent a bit of time getting
to know this tablet to be able to bring you a nice, well-rounded sum up as well as looking
into a few of the questions and comments you raised in the unboxing video. So let’s get to it! First off for a bit of spec; This is a wide-screen, full HD monitor display
tablet, so one that plugs into your computer to allow you to see and interact with your
work area. The screen is 19.5 inches, which gives you
a great, vast area to work on, and has a minimal, uncluttered, you might even say sleek, design. The Amazon listing for this tablet claims
a 3000:1 contrast ratio which should allow for a huge colour spectrum and vivid and accurate
colour. I was happy right away with how the colours
came out on this screen without any tweaking of settings. And the adjustable stand that comes with the
GT-191 ranges from angles of 20-80 degrees to give you a few different, comfortable drawing
options. In terms of pen pressure, the pen has over
8,000 levels of pressure sensitivity, so to put that into perspective, the brand new Surface
Pen for the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has just over 4000 levels of pressure sensitivity. But bear in mind that that doesn’t necessarily
mean that one is better than another, other things come into play like tilt and lag, which
we’ll talk about throughout the video. So this tablet is compatible with Windows,
with Mac, I’ve been using it with my Macbook Pro with the latest version of Photoshop,
and it’s supposed to work well with all other major programmes. It is currently priced at just over £400
or $499 US which for a tablet of this size and this spec puts it price-wise in an actually
pretty affordable bracket. Now a couple of the comments on my first video
went somewhere along the lines of saying; ‘why buy a cheap copycat tablet, just stick
with the better and more reliable industry leaders like Wacom’, and if you have the budget
for a 1,000$ plus tablet then by all means do your research and see if that’s something
that would suit you, but if you are interested in knowing what you can get with a lot less
money elsewhere, that’s what we’re here to talk about today. I’m just dipping my toe into the world of
digital art, having previously used a non-display tablet (also a Huion, this one I bought myself
about a year ago after a recommendation from one of you guys) and more recently the iPad
Pro with Apple Pencil, so I see this GT-191 as a great middle ground with it’s own advantages
and disadvantages in comparison. From a beginners perspective, this is definitely
an easy tablet to get used to. Responsive, it definitely responds well to
different pen pressures, and having the screen to draw on makes it much like drawing on paper. Speaking of which, it comes with this protective
screen that doubles as a matte, paper-like surface, but I personally prefer the more
crisp and clear look of the screen without it. I initially had to do a bit of fiddling and
tweaking with the pen, uninstalling and re-installing of the driver, all of which took about fifteen
minutes, but I eventually calibrated the pen to work seamlessly and haven’t experienced
any weird jitter or glitches in pen tracking. The lag is minimal, and as someone that’s
used to the essentially lag-less Apple Pencil and iPad Pro, I honestly can’t see much
of a difference in that respect. Not enough for it to bother me anyway. Now speaking of Apple I do have the iPad Pro
also. I use the app ProCreate on there and have
found it very responsive, glitch-free, it does get quite warm but I’ve never had an
Apple product that doesn’t. All in all it’s a great digital drawing
experience. This is a great option for portability. I personally justified my investment in this
because my old iPad was broken and I regularly use my tablet for work regarding my shop,
social media and general organisation on the go. I have the smaller 9.7 inch iPad Pro, which
I got refurbished for £439 and then an additional £99 for the Apple pencil. So just to compare, that’s £140 more for
a tablet less than half the size that for me is pretty similar in performance level. I say pretty similar because, despite Huions
impressive levels of pen sensitivity, I do find the iPad easier to achieve smooth and
controlled gradations. Also with the iPad you can get the use of
pen tilt into play- but that honestly isn’t a feature I’ve gotten much use out of. The Apple Pencil has 12 hours of battery life
and charges quickly but rather awkwardly like this, while the Huion boasts 350 hours of
battery life. Is that even possible? I’ve become accustomed to the touch aspect
of the iPad, that ease and simplicity of use that it brings but I do love hooking the Huion
up to my computer, having two monitors, so much more space and just opening up all the
possibilities that are available to me on my computer that might not be possible on
an iPad. If you’re trying to decide between the two,
it really comes down to what you plan on using it for. I think the iPad is a great portable option
but for prolonged working hours in my studio, I’d much rather work on the Huion and I
don’t see enough of a difference in quality and usability between them to convince me
otherwise. And that sums it all up really. Is it the most polished, high-tech, cutting-edge
tablet out there? No. Does it do what most people would need from
a tablet and- more importantly- do it well? Absolutely. The final question I was asked on my previous
video was whether or not I’d be switching completely to digital art, or what I’d be
using the tablet for. First off, I don’t think I could ever give
up on traditional media, I will still definitely be producing more traditional art than digital. I just find the flexibility of digital art
so enticing, I had to give it a try here and there. In the past, I’ve used my tablets to test
colour schemes for pieces, lay down quick thumbnails, things that are easy to tweak
and move around before I commit to a final design on paper. I also used this particular tablet a lot when
it came to editing and adjusting the artwork in my zine before printing, because it allowed
me to get right into little details and work on the scans as I would with drawings on paper. I’m still very much getting the hang of
creating refined pieces of work in digital format but I’d love to get to know this
medium more and produce some finished pieces of work with it. Anyway, I think that’s enough for today,
hopefully I’ve answered all your questions. See you soon for the next video. Bye!

80 thoughts on “Huion Kamvas GT-191 · Tablet Review · Better Than The iPad Pro??

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