Hướng dẩn thoát iCloud iPad Pro 10.5 acti ios 11

Hướng dẩn thoát iCloud iPad Pro 10.5 acti ios 11

Hi everyone, today im gonna show you how to bypass iCould and activate IOS 11 for iPad Pro 10.5 Before IOS 11, 3G version, we only to downgrade it to WIFI Crack the HDD and inject boot But with IOS 11, it will inform activation error when you do this So you need to buy a serial number or scavenge in other iPads Here is a demo for you to understand better Open tool WL I used to back up file but now with the new update 2.8.1 of the WL It is now fullly support iPad so you wont need to backup file anymore Saved me a lot of time and effort So, first thing is to downgrade it to 32-bit iPad 4 Then select back to the right version of the iPad and inject boot Use the serial number that you bought and inject it correctly Contact to the number to get your own serial number This serial number has already been use so can not reuse again Copy WIFI info When you paste the WIFI info, the BLUETOOTH info will automatically change with +1 at the last number If not just replace it manually After that, put the HDD back in the iPad and restore Here, it is optional if you want to change the W color and WRegn to match the iPad model With Pro 10.5 and 12.9, when I restore Sometimes it will inform activation error But when I disconnect it from the PC, it work normal So im not so sure about this This only happened in the new update, but not happened when I backup like before But backup also has it drawback When we read the wrong info, inject boot in and put the iPad together to open it It wont allow you to restore or occur other malfunctions So you can throw that HDD away, use another and do the same thing as i am doing here Then it will have no problem [Register at www.icfix.solutions to know better on how to fix your phones] [Upgrade you account with only $25 to get more benefits FOREVER] Contact 0939373808 to get your serial number Thanks for watching and good luck to all

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  1. Bên. A có bán vỏ 5s độ cho 5c không

  2. Where I can download that software?

  3. Can you plz help me? Imei: 353809081966092 or email me [email protected]

  4. hello. Tell me how to translate 4g to wi-fi to ipad pro 10.5 4g + wi-fi. What resistor should be removed!? Thanks

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