I Returned the iPhone X

I Returned the iPhone X

Oh! Hey, Since you’re here. I gotta talk to you about something I don’t know if you saw my latest video, but I kind of did it on the new iPhone 10, I returned it and I Had a lot of reasons to do so I was sitting on the fence the whole entire time I couldn’t sleep at night. I almost got angry at my kids, which wouldn’t have been a good thing So I finally put my thoughts together and returned the phone I got a bunch of reasons why and the first one is the knotch I don’t want to live no la vida knotcha, okay. Have you ever seen a dog with his tail up in the air you can stare directly at its asshole? That’s what the notch reminds me of it just stares at you right in your face and sure you can get used to it But do you really want to get used to an asshole I know I don’t and just all the problems that causes the apps have you ever seen some of the apps Used around the knotch you got these pillar boxes That’s if you want to watch a video And then if you zoom in it goes around the knotch sure you can argue that right now Developers are still have to update their apps in order for you to have a proper view of your screen But I’m not ready for that especially on a thousand-dollar phone, a thousand bucks. That’s a lot of money You know many hockey pucks I could buy trust me quite a bit The second thing about the knotch is a lot of things had to be changed the first one is the control center you have to swipe from the top right of the phone and Not only is that just a bad placement yet to extend your finger all the way to the top There’s no longer a battery percent meter come on Every Android phone that I have owned has a battery percent meter That’s one of the most important things to me on a smart phone. I want to know how much battery life left I get battery anxiety I take a puffer for it. That’s how bad it is Now Apple is a smart company. They got billions of dollars. They could have invested in some just a Positive way to change the UI around to accommodate this ring To accommodate this thing, but they didn’t Second or third or fourth thing. I don’t like about the phone is face ID. It works great I’m gonna give Apple credit from what we know so far. It’s secure but come on guys Face ID compared to touch ID, touch ID is so much faster you log into your phone faster it’s easier to use and Quite frankly, I just wanted to work as fast as possible. I don’t have to wait three seconds to log into my phone The last thing about the phone that I don’t like is iOS 11, holy smokes so many bugs So many bugs on iOS 11 that there’s no bugs here Where I’m standing right now. That’s how many bugs or an iOS 11 the glitches with notifications the crashing apps happening all the time and Have you ever experienced a touch delays on your smart phone when you’re in the cold Now granted it has been fixed. Which is great. But come on that shouldn’t be happening This is the bottom line for you guys. It’s a thousand-dollar phone, and it’s really expensive $1,300 here in Canada If you really think about it For a thousand bucks I could buy tons of other great stuff Like this phone the Pixel 2 XL or if I am going to spend a thousand bucks I can grab something like the Galaxy Note 8 at least I can Justify it in my head that I’m spending on something that’s kind of unique with that s-pen But the iPhone 10 is just not there yet at least for me Sure, it has a beautiful display It has great cameras the cameras are consistent But a company like Apple is putting out these products for this type of money it needs to be perfect so for me I’m gonna wait for the iPhone 10s, so I returned it. I let me don’t you guys think in the comments below? Did you buy one are you happy with yours or are you planning on buying one? I definitely want to hear what you have to say. Anyways, I’m out. Peace. Hey ash buddy Listen I need to borrow your iPhone 10. I got a video to do. I’m putting it up against the OnePlus 5t What just, just for two days I’ll get it back. I promise all right take care bye

9 thoughts on “I Returned the iPhone X

  1. What made you buy this again?

  2. Is iPhone x that bad?

  3. Hilarious stuff.. Love your style, got yourself a new sub

  4. hahahha! man.. how did i miss the bell icon.😆

  5. you welcome

  6. I just bought the 8 plus and returned it a week after. It’s to similar to the 6s I already have. So I’ll wait another year for a better Version of it to come out… not worth the $1,200 it costs in Canada. Sorry apple come out with something better please

  7. It is expensive but I like it

  8. I hate my iPhone X.

  9. I am thinking about returning mine and getting an iPhone SE. I don't mind the notch, I don't mind swiping, I don't even mind face ID. What I do hate is: 1.) The vibration noise isn't loud enough and I miss txt messages from people all the time now which is really annoying (I keep it in silent mode). My old SE I could always hear or feel in my pocket when it vibrated. 2.) It is too big. I basically always use my phone one handed and this thing is too big to do that, it bothers my hand

    Yeah the screen and camera are nice but who cares when basic things don't work well. Battery life isn't any better either, in fact I would say it is worse. also if you hold the phone by the base at all it will block what you are saying when you have a phone call.

  10. I agree! I hate the iPhone X biggest mistake ever!

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