IBM MobileFirst for iOS

IBM MobileFirst for iOS

We expect to be connected, where ever we are. Being able to work the way we live could change everything. But change is hard. It takes leadership. Innovation and dedication. Expertise and experience. It takes teamwork. That’s why Apple and IBM have partnered to change how industries work. Applying the minds and code of fifteen-thousand top developers deploying over three-hundred innovative, user-friendly apps across all industries to help make change simple for you. Re-inventing how you care. Share. Fly. Buy. Find. Fix. Scale. Think. Manage. And grow. Taking it further with IBM Watson Services for Core ML. Bringing the power of Watson to Apple devices through our one-stop shop developer experience on IBM Cloud. Using real-time data and analytics to get smarter, whether you’re on the IBM Cloud or off the grid. And creating native iOS apps with visual diagnostic tools, powered by the latest artificial intelligence and augmented reality, to help employees make smarter decisions where ever they are. We have been thinking together and learning continuously to transform your business. Start smarter. Ready your mobile workforce with Apple and IBM.

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  1. uowwww!! very nice video! Congratulations on the projects and achievements!

  2. When expertise in an industry and the best technology come together, that's where we find big change and innovation usually.

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