If You Can Break the iPhone… You Get A New One!

If You Can Break the iPhone… You Get A New One!

– Three… two… one!
– Okay, here goes. What would you rather do, destroy this right now or play a game to win a new iPhone? – Are you serious? – [David] Yep. – You think that case is powerful enough? – Whoa, watch out. (upbeat music) – All right, you get the opportunity to destroy a brand new iPhone X, no strings attached. – Shiny. – Would you do it,
would you just smash it? – Why wouldn’t you do it? – It would be fun
– Just to let off some anger. People hate it when people
do that on YouTube, right? – Right
– But if someone in real life were to actually offer you a phone with no strings attached how can you turn that down? – Today we’re going to go on the streets and see if people really would do that. We’re also gonna give them the opportunity to put on ♪ RhinoShield case ♪ – This beautiful RhinoShield case. If they can get it to crack at all with a RhinoShield case on then– – Drop test, drop test.
– Then we give them, then we give them a brand new iPhone X. – Would you take the opportunity to just let out all that
anger you have inside you? I know you do, I know you have it. Would you accept the opportunity
to let it out on an iPhone or would you risk it
all for an opportunity to win a brand new phone? For now, let’s go to Anaheim, California. VidCon 2019, the Mecca of
YouTube and YouTube fans. – And see what people pick.
– What people choose. – Yep, yep, that one. Let’s go. (laughing) ♪ My first day on earth ♪ ♪ I fell into your eyes ♪ ♪ Look at how our galaxies collide ♪ ♪ Every color of the spectrum ♪ ♪ Every star up in the sky ♪ ♪ The planets aligned for you and I ♪ ♪ I’ve known you since the dawn ♪ – You can
destroy this brand new phone, it’s an iPhone X, we can just let you destroy it for fun or you can play a game to win a brand new phone for yourself? – Ooh. – What would you rather do, destroy this right now or play a game to win a new iPhone? – I see, ’cause that’s easy, that’s not. – What’s the game? – What’s the game? – [Fin] The game is we put a RhinoShield case on this phone and you have to try and break it and if it falls down and it breaks, then we give you the new phone. – Or do the same thing and
not have the chance to win. – [Fin] Or you don’t win a phone and you just destroy the phone. – That sounds like so much fun. – You guys are trying to like make a video to see if the case protects it? – [Fin] Yeah exactly. – It’s a brand new iPhone X, you can just break it for fun, okay, or you can play a game to win a new phone for yourself.
– What’s the game? What’s the game, what the game? – The game is, I put a case on this phone and you get to try and
drop it however you want. – Can I throw it? – You can’t throw it, you can drop it however you want, whatever angle you want, you can drop it from high up if you want and if it cracks at all, then you get a free phone.
– What’s the case? – It’s called a RhinoShield case. Check it out if you want. Give it a look, what do you think? Or you can play a game to try and win a brand new iPhone. – We’ll play the game. – Someone hold this, it looks like I’m climbing the wall. – If you wanna drop it here, it’s gonna look better. – Okay, yeah. – I don’t know if he
actually wants to do this. – [Fin] Would you want to destroy this brand new iPhone X, this brand new iPhone X out of the box. – iPhone Ten? That’s an iPhone X. – Or what? – [Fin] Yeah, X stands for ten. – Oh. – [Fin] Which would you rather, you wanna destroy this one for fun or do you wanna try and play the game to win the phone? – Win the phone. – [Fin] You drop it
however think and if it cracks– – You’re taller than I am. – [David] You can like
stand on there if you want. – I mean, might as well. – [Fin] No question in your mind, you’d rather do that
than destroy the phone? – I mean, I know that the phone case is probably insanely good, so I dunno, I’m just helping you
guys out for the video. – [Fin] Okay, all right sure. – I really need a new phone, this is kinda jank over here, guys. – You
wanna try and go for it? – How hard can I go for it? Are you serious? – [David] Yep. – You think that case is powerful enough? – [Fin] If they want to, they can just destroy the
phone without the case? – Yeah, I prefer to do that. (laughing) – [Fin] You can
either destroy this phone or play a game for a chance
to win a brand new phone. – Oh, might as well do it, you don’t have a phone, bro. – [Fin] Do you
want to destroy this phone or do you wanna play a game? – I kinda want to destroy it. – No! – Okay, I’ll play, I’ll play. – Destroying it, that’s like easy, I’ll like slam it on the ground right now. – [David] How much enjoyment would you get out of
destroying this iPhone? – [Fin] Is it worth
the chance to get a new phone or would you rather have the enjoyment of destroying the phone?
– I mean. – [Fin] You wanna just
destroy the phone for fun? (laughing) – [Fin] You can
destroy the phone for fun, you don’t get anything
but it could be fun, I dunno if you’re angry, could just throw it to the ground. – Oh wait, let me see. No way, he’s pretty. – [Fin] Yeah, it’s nice, right? You wanna destroy it? It does have a screen protector on it. But if we put this case on and then you get it to crack even so, we’ll give you a free phone. – I would like to try to, yeah. – [Fin] You
wanna try win the phone, all right, awesome, for sure. – No offense, but are you sure? Like are you sure? – This is like to show that it’s good. – [Fin] There you go. Right like that. Okay, here we go. If it cracks, you get this free phone. Oh, I didn’t hear any crack. Let’s take a look, take a look. No, it’s fine.
– Looking good. It’s looking good. – [Fin] Perfectly fine. Thanks so much though, I appreciate it. – [Fin] You can
stand on that and get a little height. Let it fall from this however you think. Okay, yep, there we go, go for it. Ooh, no, it seems fine, I think it’s fine. And yeah, looks like it’s fully fine. Thanks so much for trying. It’s called RhinoShield. What phone do you have? – I have a Pixel 3 XL. – [Fin] I can give you a RhinoShield case if you want? – Sure, why not.
– Yeah, we can give you one. That’s for a Pixel 3 XL right there. Sweet, awesome, there you go. – [David] Looks good. Beautiful
– All right. Have a good one, thanks so much! – I’ve been sleeping on that
hammock for the past hour. (laughing) Yeah, those hammocks,
I’ve been sleeping, dude. – [Fin] So you
wanna give it a shot, just drop like that, then if it cracks, we give you a free one. Oh no, what does it look like? It’s totally fine, yeah, totally fine. Thanks so much though, good try. It’s a great case right, yeah. – [David] All
right thanks for playing. – There’s a bit of a depth on that, you know what I mean? Can I drop it from any height? – [Fin] Any height you want. – Can I stand up on that
and drop it from that? – Yeah sure, on that, go for it. – All right, can I drop it from here? – [David] Yeah yeah. – So if the screen smashes, I win that? – [Fin] If the
screen cracks at all, you win this. – I win that. – [Fin] Do you
think that will crack? – From here, yeah, from here, yeah. – You think so? All right, okay, give it a shot. Drop it. – [Fin] Ooh, let’s see. – It’s totally fine. Check that out. – Fair play, fair play. Geez, that is actually impressive. – [Fin] What phone do you have? – I have a One Plus. – A One Plus, we might have a case. – [David] We do have a case, we can give you one for free, if you want. – Oh really, for free? Oh, that’s sound, yeah, definitely. Mine’s gone to bits now as well. Thanks very much for this. Cheers, thanks so much. – Yeah, you have a good one. – Cheers, you too, you too. (overlapping chatter) – Three… two… one.
– Okay, here goes. Oh! – [Contestant] It’s not even cracked. – No, perfectly fine. – Sorry, let me have a look, I wanna win an iPhone. – Yeah, check it out, give it a look. He wants to verify. – Lads, there’s a few air bubbles here. – There’s air bubbles in
the screen protector, yeah. If you want, you can take the case off too and check it out here. – No, I see, no, it’s fine. No actually, yeah, fair play. I assume it’s a promotion for whatever cover that is, is it? – Ah, it is, that’s right. – I assume it’s a really good cover. – I mean, yeah. – If I drop my phone on
the ground and it cracks, can I get that for free? – No, no, it’s this
phone here with the case. – So I have to see if this case is great? Okay, I’ll, I’ll try.
– You wanna play the game? Okay. You can drop this in
whatever way you want– – [David] You
get one shot– one second. (passers-by chanting) (laughing) Ayyy, and we’re back on. – [Fin] So you drop
it whatever way you want. If it cracks at all, then
you get a brand new phone. – Crack or break? – [Fin] Just crack, any crack. – Just crack, okay. So I don’t have to, it can still work? – [David] Yeah, exactly. – Okay. So if I drop it on this
thing and it cracks, do I win the iPhone? – [David] One sec, let me… You know what, we’ll give that to you. We’ll give that to you. – Oh, it’s just like an acorn
or something, I don’t know. Okay. – [Fin] You gonna
try to drop it from, what height are you thinking? Are you just gonna go from lower down? What do you think?
– I don’t know. – [David] This is
an interesting strategy. – This is definitely not gonna break. This is not gonna work. I already, I already don’t
like believe in myself. Okay. – [David] And there it is. – Oh no, that looks perfectly fine. I heard like a crack noise, what was that? – That was probably– – The acorn cracked and
the phone is totally fine. – Unbelievable. – We’ll try some more tests and we’ll see if anyone else can get this to end up breaking. I have no idea how strong these
RhinoShield cases are but– – [David] We’ll find out. – They’re pretty strong
so we will find out. Thanks so much for
playing, I appreciate it. – Thank you. – [David] Now, you were very tempted to actually destroy the phone, like, would that have
been super fun to you? – I mean, purposefully
destroying a good phone, there’s just like
something nice about that, y’all just bought it and
I’m gonna ruin it right now. – [Fin] Yeah, for no cost to you. – That’s like very evil, but also like pretty great. – I’m worried that a lot of
people might do that actually. Like, I’m worried, we’ll see. (laughing) – I love red. – All right, perfect. Sounds good, there you go. Thank you for playing
and being in the video. – Thank you, I love this so much. – [Fin] So nervous, are you gonna try climb on that? – I need a new phone! – [Fin] Here we go. Here we go. – [David] Boom. – Oh, I heard something,
I heard something. No, it’s totally fine. Absolutely perfect. – [David] There ya go. – Ha, you’re like what, no way. – No, no. – What kind of case is that? – It’s called RhinoShield. – RhinoShield, that’s dope as hell, okay. – All right. – Okay. Did it crack at all? It looks, looks totally fine. Looks good. Let’s take the back off and double check. – Yeah, there you go.
– Totally fine. – So, just do it. – [David] Yeah
just do it, go for it. – Wait, wait, do I just throw it up? – [Girl] Yeah don’t be nice
about it, just throw it up. – [Fin] Did it crack? It looks fine, it looks fine. The case has a little ding on it. The case has a little ding here. Let’s open it up here. It looks, aww, it’s fine. They’re both completely fine. But thank you so much for playing. – I low key want one. I drop everything. I fell over nothing, I dropped myself. – I cracked this one, does that count? – [Fin] Have a good one guys. – Oh, what’s your YouTube channel? – [Fin] TechKaboom – How many tries do we get, just one? – [David] You get the one shot. – But if it cracks at
all, if it cracks at all, then you get a brand new
thousand dollar phone. – And what’s the other option? – Other option is just to destroy it, you win nothing.
– For the fun of it. – Okay, yeah, you wanna try this? – [Fin] He wants the
phone, he wants the phone. Whoa, whoa, watch out! Is it okay, is it fine? Oh my goodness, in perfect condition. It looks, I mean the case is a little bit. – So, the case is damaged. – [Fin] The case is damaged, but it looks in perfect condition. – That’s amazing. – That’s unfortunate, sorry guys. But you do win a case for your phone. – Yay. – Nice. – [Fin] So here’s a
bumper case for the iPhone X. There you go, have a good one. – Thanks, have a great day, guys. – Yeah, this thing’s
definitely gonna break if I drop it from like the third floor. There’s no way a phone
case can hold up like that. – [Fin] Yeah? – [David] All right,
I’ll be waiting down here. (suspenseful music) – [Fin] Okay, ready? What? Should we go one higher? – [Contestant] Yeah. – He wants to go one higher, shall we let him go one higher? All right, we’ll let him go one higher. All right, all right, all right. The man wants his new phone, dude, that’s fair. Oh my gosh. – [Fin] Okay. – Oh, this is so– – [Fin] Oh boy. – Oh no. – [Fin] There’s no
way it’s surviving that, dude. What?
– Yeah. – [David] That’s a bit high. – [Fin] That’s pretty high. – [Contestant] It’s fine, we got it. – [Fin] What
do you wanna do, David? Do you wanna say yes or no? Yeah, oh boy, okay, he’s gonna
drop it from this height. Okay, here we go, he’s gonna drop it. Oh my goodness, if it survives this. There’s no way. Ooh. – [David] Oh my god. – What is it, is it broken? – [David] (laughs) It’s broken. (laughing) – Dude, it broke, it broke. You get a brand new phone. Let’s go down, let’s go down. – Oh my god, it’s mine. It’s actually so sick. That’s sick.
– Yes! You really dropped it straight and it cracked. It’s absolutely destroyed. Dude, we were so high up though, but dude, you know what that means? You are the winner of a
brand new iPhone X, dude. A brand new iPhone XS,
congratulations dude. – Thanks, man. – And
not only that but also, we have a case for it if you want. – Awesome, I’ll take it for sure. That’s actually so cool. – There you go, there is a Mod NX RhinoShield case. – Awesome, thank you so much. Thanks a lot.
– Congratulations. – We said we were going
to go three floors, but we’re were like you know what, we’ll let him go one floor higher. It was so high up, the phone
did not stand a chance. But dude, that is so awesome though, he was actually so, he wanted that phone, he was like, can I go one
higher, can I just go, I really want this phone,
can I go one higher. He really wanted to break it. Also, he dropped it like flat
on its face like this, right? I’m actually curious to watch that back and see how it landed exactly. Dude, slow clap for RhinoShield, slow clap Rhino Shield. That was insane, dude. – I personally didn’t
know they were that good. The more it survived, the
more I fell in love with it. The thing is you do not
expect it to be that good. I mean a lot of people
we had play the game didn’t expect it either. Whenever you have these
extreme protection cases, you expect them to be bulky and big. People would see the case and be like, this thing’s gonna break. Like they wouldn’t believe. And we were also impressed
as we filmed this video just how well it performed. So the fact you can have protection and a good looking case at the same time, that’s like the dream case. – It is the dream. They have all different designs, like some of them are really cool, look at this one, dude. This is one of the ones they sent us and it actually looks so sweet. – They have so many others on the website. – Yeah, they have all
different kinds of styles, we actually have a whole bag
full of these they sent us, we were giving them out during the video, check this out, you ready, look at this. There are so many different cases. – Oh you have a Samsung
Galaxy S9, a Google Pixel 3XL, you have any flagship phone, RhinoShield probably makes
a case for your phone. – And not only that, but they also have these kind of like bumper style cases, like the Mod NX, and you can combine them
with back plates, exactly. You combine that with the
bumper and the back plate and you get a really sleek and stylish looking custom design. Yeah, they have all kinds
from different artists. There’s the Mod NX, the SolidSuit. – CrashGuard, there’s some
for your Apple Watch. Style and peace of mind
rolled into one, I mean. – Dude, this one has a cat on it. – Do you want this, do you want this? It can be yours, take it. – The cat, dude. Got a cute little cat on it. – Aw, that’s so cute! – It’s a beautiful one. – So get yourself a
beautiful looking case, buy yourself some peace of mind knowing that if your drop your phone, your phone is going to be okay. – Check it out, click the
link in the description. And leave a comment below
what you think of these cases and what you would’ve done in this video. Would you have destroyed the phone or would you have played
the game to win it yourself? And if you enjoyed this video,
leave a like, subscribe, if you got this far, you should subscribe. – Thanks for watching. – See you on the next one. Peace. (upbeat music)

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