iMPC APP TUTORIAL FOR iPAD – Kanye West Black Skinhead Tutorial

iMPC APP TUTORIAL FOR iPAD – Kanye West Black Skinhead Tutorial

Damn that was some bad rapping! If you managed
to sit through that, congratulations you have made it to the Epic Tutorials for iMPC for
iPad, the incredible app developed my Retronyms in partnership with Akai Professional. We are going to be teaching you how to use
just about every feature of this app, and to do this we are going to be recreating Black
Skinhead by Kanye West. Now there is a link to this app in the description below, so if
you want to get this app, just click that and it’s going to open up the App Store on
your iPad. You will also find chapter links down there,
so if you don’t watch this whole tutorial; because it’s going to be fairly long and in-depth,
just tap one of those chapter links and it will take you to what you are looking for. Alright, let’s get started and take a look
at the interface. Well thankful this app retains the classic Akai simplicity on the right we
have our drum pads, we have a main volume knob above those. In the upper right we have “about” which gives
you access to the user guide. WIST which allows you to turn on, this is Korg’s Wireless Sync
Start technology, you can see it’s compatible with a huge range of apps including: Figure
and Nave; so this allows you to sync up two iPad’s wirelessly and have them play back
in time, very nice! Finally where you see “MPC” if you have the
MPC Fly accessory from Akai this light will light up. Sadly there is no lightning version
yet, but it is coming. Now if we jump over to the left hand side,
our main window here gives us our sequences, these are in effect patters, or loops or songs;
below that we have programs and these are your different kits. You can see this comes
with a huge range of program presets ready for you to use. We are going to be looking
at how to create our own soon. And of course you can cycle through your tracks
here, so you can have four tracks per sequence. Below that we have our “note repeat”, our
“time correct” or quantise, our “16 levels”, undo and erase, and in the lower left we have
our transport controls. If we jump up the top we have access to your
four track mixer. Next along we have our effects which gives you access to a bit crusher, delay
and a master compressor limiter. We also have access to a sampler allowing you to sample
tracks from your iTunes library. And finally a share sequence button which
will upload your currently loaded sequence to Soundcloud as well as export a .WAV file. Ok with the interface out of the way lets
start making a track. Now when you are making a new track you will need to create a new
sequence so if I tap the sequence icon in our little display area, if I go down the
bottom I can tap “New”. As you can see it’s now untitled. To change this we need to tap
“Edit”. This allows you to add a sequence name. Add the BPM. And set the bar length.
I’m going to tap “Save” then just tap “done”. And you can see our sequence is loaded and
it’s blank. If I press “Play” nothing plays back. Now the next thing we want to do is
apply some kits. So if I tap on the Program icon you can see I can choose from any one
of these many preset that come loaded. And some of these are really cool but because
we want a very definite sound with some very distinct samples in it, we are actually going
to create our kit from scratch. So to create a new kit, tap the program icon
then tap the “new” button and where it says untitled, well we can tap “edit” again. Give
it a name, and we can tap “Return” to accept that. Now you will see you have sixteen empty
pads. To start adding samples to these we can tap on the “Sound Library” button. And
from here we access “Akai Classic Sounds”, Akai iMPC sounds and these all come loaded
with the iPad app. From here I could select “Kicks” and to preview
one of these I just tap the waveform. When I find something I like, tap and hold and
drag it onto an empty pad, and it’s applied. We can do the same and go back and get some
hit-hat; tap hold and drag and drop. And lets get a snare. Some I’m going to come down here
and pull a snare and drop that there. So we already have the beginning of our custom kit. Now something we want to do is actually sample
our own sound from the track “Black Skinhead” so to do that tap on the “Edit” button and
you will notice in the lower left we have a “Sample New Sound”. So to do this I want
to tap on an empty pad, and then tap “Sample New Sound”. From here we can tap on the music
library, and then tap “Load”. And you will be able to browse your iTunes on your iPad,
select a track and have it loaded. Now to create a sample just simply record
arm your track, get your track in the correct position then tap play. Ok so, I’ve got everything
I need there, I just need the bass sound. So I can move my sliders here, and I can drag
my out point back until we get the right area. Too short. Alright that’s a good bass sound
so I’m going to call this “Kanye Intro Bass” so I can find it later. I’m going to assign
it to the bass section, and then I’m going to tap “Save to bass”. Now this is applied to my custom kit. You
will notice we have a few other options here. We can adjust the level and the tuning. I’m
going to leave that at centred. You can also choose a play mode. “One shot” means you tap
the pad once and it will play it in its entirety. If we tap “hold” you actually have to hold
the pad down to play the full sample. You can also assign it to a pad group as being
polyphony or a mute group. So polyphony means you can have multiple sounds playing at once,
whereas mute means it will cut anything else off. So I’m not going to spend to much longer
on this, you get the idea so I’m going to tap “Save” and then you have “Kanye Kit”. Luckily I’ve already created my own custom
kit with a few more samples called “Skinhead Kit” so
I’m going to tap that to select it, and then tap done. Next you will notice that you have four tracks available.

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