Instalar marco de servicios de google apk, arreglar play store error ([RH-01)] LOKEADO

Instalar marco de servicios de google apk, arreglar play store error ([RH-01)]   LOKEADO

hello how about androids today I bring you a
new video so you can solve the problem of the play store r
h 0 1 in my case this error occurred because
install the service framework for google so well I’m going to put the
apk and I’m going to show you how to recover your thor plays before anything else they have
make sure to have these four applications installed on your cell phone and or
I’m going to let you apply them in the description of the video these four
applications are indispensable for you plays top
solve that error in my case makes me missing the service framework of
Play Station and also the one that is this
I have the playstation services installed and google play and install it
now I’m going to show you how to download the apk of any of the
applications just go in the description of the video that is below and
they will give you where you say show more or in this case on the little arrow down
and good they will choose which one they are going to download in my case I will download the
google services framework that is this send me a page and we’re going to give where it says I’m not a
robot asks me to choose the images with
mountains we wait three seconds and we will give in head link we need publicity once in mega we simply wait for
to load and we’re going to give it to open the browser and
they will download it from a PC and if they are going to download from a cell phone they are going
to give in April in mega app or if you give the option open the browser
once downloaded if they downloaded it from a pc is simply not have
to pass to your cell phone by means of a usb cable and ready
to install any of these applications what you should do is
go to security settings and they’re going to select this one that says
unknown origins select them and they will be able to install what you
want good the place service framework
I’m going to leave this in the video description
to install the service framework of google just selected it once
I saved it on my phone and well what I install and ready to go may well that your place thor work
no need to install this application but I recommend it for
make it safer than your placed orf a cion correctly, but if not
you want to install what you can try and if you work the place thor because now
we have to go to the section of applications we’re simply going to give in
settings and let’s find the one that says
Applications once they have installed these
four applications the following is delete the data of each one
they are going to go manage space in case of loan services in
clean and erase
and if this box is active, it will they are going to give in force of tension
now we remove the data from the framework google services for this we force
the arrest and we removed the data and ready
now we are going to delete the data from hangouts we simply force the
stop and we remove the data that it would be all we do the same with the
place thor data we simply force the arrest
and we eliminate data That would be all
once we have done all this what only thing we have to do is restart
our device once you restart your phone we hope
a few seconds in what is stabilized well now let’s go to the application
of hangout and we will add an account so that you play torso goes more stable
only the beginning later you can install in agreement he’s going to ask you to pick
one account only those selected well apparently the application does not
it works or it does not answer is because I’m recording the screen but if it stopped
record it already works correctly what The only thing they have to do is if they
ask for your phone number they are going to enter and well I would have to
work correctly only the van to close and once this is done I
we can enter our play store as you can see
is working we accept and accept the application is already updating
and they realize and it’s already working correctly
if they were to give another problem they do the same thing again to erase data
but now they do not register in the application is of hangouts no longer what
they do and it will work correctly restart your cell phone and you’re As you can see, there is the play store
corrected Even I am already updating the
good android application this would be all any doubt or
good problem can ask and we will try to help them if it works
the online video and subscribe to my channel this would be all androids

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