Installing mSpy on Any iPhone Device – HD

Installing mSpy on Any iPhone Device – HD

Welcome to the Mspy installation
tutorial Today we’re going to show you how to
install Mspy on a jailbroken iPhone. Please note that the iPhone needs
to be jailbroken with Cydia installed before you begin the
installation. First, launch Cydia Click on Manage section Right there the bottom right corner.
Select ‘sources’ Press ‘edit’ at the top right
corner and then ‘add’ at the top left corner.
The scream’ll ask you to enter the URL.
Type the following address: And click ‘Add Source’ Make sure to type the link
exactly as it appears on the screen in front of it We simply need to hit ‘return to cydia’,
meaning that the update has been finished.
Find MTechnology Limited Repository Select iPhone internal service .This is just an undescriptive name of mSpy and we’re going to hit Install and Confirm Again, it may take a couple of minutes to
complete. Once it’s finished Press restart springboard and again it may take a while updating the iPhone
and getting it configured up correctly. Just sit tight for a while. I’m waiting
for it to ask you to unlock the device. Now let’s restart the springboard Unlock the screen and find the mSpy icon tap the icon Press continue You can see a license agreement that you
need to accept I accept. Now it’ll ask you to allow the GPS
location tracking on the iPhone in stealth mode.
Simply press OK. now what we’re going to do is put the
registration code available in the installation guide in
our case, it’s 178 174 Press finish registration Wait for a while. It’s going to show you a
popup message saying that the installation is
successfully finished press OK and wait and so that the target iPhone gets registered in our tracking system and we
start it. Again, it may take a minute to finish the
registration. While it’s finishing the registration be ready to take some additional steps to
hide the Cydia app It’s rebooting after taking backup The mSpy icon has gone and you can hide
the Cydia app as well in case it was not there before the
installation For that, open Cydia go to MTechnology And choose to hide Cydia Hit install and confirm Now let’s restart the springboard you can see Cydia is still present to hide it, go to search and put the
specific code in the search bar which is the same all times hit ‘search’ Now, it’s getting restarted. Let’s check. The Cydia app has now disappeared In case the target user has a jailbroken
iPhone and there is no need to hide this icon you
can put it back up with the same specific code Make sure you type it in correctly. If not, it won’t let you bring Cydia back like this. We’ve made a
mistake in one number instead of nine we’ve put 0 and it’s apparently not working so now we’re going to put correct or let’s move
the last part of the code and make it right and it’s good now and again it may take
some time to reboot the device let’s check it out and now Cydia is back on the screen Congratulations your phone is now being

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  1. Hi the register action code doesn't work please help 178174 doesn't work thank you even if u don't help

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