Introducing new delivery technology from Google Express

Introducing new delivery technology from Google Express

With Google Express we’re constantly looking for ways to improve home delivery. Like everyone in our industry we were intrigued
by the idea of drones. But we also asked ourselves: what if there’s
another way? Drone technology is exciting… but it’s
not ready. And that’s when the breakthrough happened.
An autonomous delivery service that not only brings our users packages, but also brings
them joy. The answer? Parachutes. We’re proud to announce the launch of Parachutes
by Google Express. Quiet, reliable, gentle. They are the perfect
marriage of form and function. This parachute technology is going to change the way we think about parachute technology. People only know what they see in TV and movies but it’s not all shouting Geronimo and barrel rolls… it’s science. Our controlled hover utilization team of engineers,
researchers and scientists spent years developing the parachutes’ function. From the apex
vent to the suspension lines to the canopy gores but the question remained: does it actually work? The answer is yes. Beautifully. Google Express has always been about delivering people the things they need from the stores they love. With Parachutes by Google Express, our users are constantly connected, from placing an order to tracking delivery to the moment they
catch the package out of the sky. Delivering you the things you need when you
need them. And forget the obstacles of ground delivery. With parachutes, you can receive
deliveries anytime, anywhere. Parachutes are a lot like minds. They work best when they’re open. How do we get the parachutes into the air? We use drones.

100 thoughts on “Introducing new delivery technology from Google Express

  1. that ending tho


  3. How Titanfall really works.


  5. Yay it was a joke… "Cough Cough (crushed my dreams) Cough Cough

  6. Just so you know, Google Express is real. The parachutes are not.

  7. I'm sad ;( I recently got my package, but I didn't get to keep the parachute ;( It disappears before I could grab it

  8. chuters lol

  9. If this was true.

  10. I wish this actually existed.

  11. 1:17 Dude, is that Miles Person? The mayor in Preacher?

  12. Duncan neifler is Todd from community

  13. "Not Found"
    Very funny

  14. really

  15. hahah….ha
    April fools right

  16. nice prank 🙂


  18. The most compelling April Fools prank by Google until you see the date of release and the comments.

  19. And these gets better every year, almost got me

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  21. nice to you tube

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  23. Trump would endorse this because it would help him eat more pizza

  24. Dawm stop fooling me Google 😩

  25. "How do we get the parachutes into the air? We use drones" after they said they don't use drones lol

  26. "This parachute technology is going to change how we think about parachute technology."

  27. youtube video mjuzic

  28. The ending just killed me. XD

  29. is like prime now, no??

  30. sorry but this is not funny

  31. I was like ummmmmm. WTF? Then I read the description

  32. this might be legit check out their link it is a legit store

  33. .I'm

  34. 0:54 Indians…I had the same face as yours.. 😉

  35. waiting for this years

  36. Every year

  37. Tho seriously, good idea

  38. The Hunger Games. Featuring Google Express.

  39. IDK, google gnome is lit..

  40. Out of all these April fools I think the stupidest (if it was real) would be google cardboard plastic or gmailblue like what would that doooooo

  41. is it some kind of joke

    999 million views

  43. 참좋아요

  44. c.h.u.t.e.r.s 😂😂

  45. how do u control where your package lands? I mean, just cause u use drones doesn't men the wind won't blow it away

  46. April fool

  47. Is google express now a real thing? I mean it's been more than 1 year but is working.

  48. really wanting to put people out of work i see..

  49. I ordered paper, 2 months ago. It's not here .-. #rigged #jk

  50. This is not very practical

  51. Get 999,999,999,999 likes* with code PARACHUTE

  52. Introducing the Google cod supply crate. And when it fails, a speaker automatically play earape mission failed, we'll get em next time

  53. Google that is a nice funny trick for April fools keep making April Fool jokes

  54. 666k views

  55. Google likes to make fake videos like the Google bike and always wish I could know what is real and what is not and I hope this is

  56. 666.000 views

  57. Cool Cool

  58. I like to Search

  59. Is this a joke? It feels like an SNL commercial.

  60. Is this an April fools video?

  61. google express active in All countries ?

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  63. I know that one of them is an actress and this is april fools. HA ha

  64. Search their "names" up

  65. One of you goes are from labrats

  66. when the date is Mar 31, 2016 not April 01

  67. guys look at the guys face at 1:59

  68. Gotta love Google's April fools teaser video collections. They're getting better and better crafted and directed.

  69. Gotta love Google's April fools teaser video collections. They're getting better and better crafted and directed.

  70. Is this real? 🤔

  71. if this was real people would use these as target practice

  72. Love it

  73. Fortnite supply crate!😂😂🤣🤣

  74. Who else recognized the mom from Lab Rats?

  75. Nise Google express

  76. Technology is developing. Google leads it

  77. "They work best when they're open."

  78. Give me a Super Intelegent SmartBoy.

  79. heheheheh awesome

  80. I would buy it.

  81. Great job google. You spilled the beans referring to autonomous air delivery(aka drone delivery) and amazon is already working on it.

  82. Here good morning
    God bless
    Loving all
    How our university

  83. Storms: YOU'RE SO SCREWED

  84. LOL. Good luck with that in Scotland.

  85. Looks like pubg

  86. Quiero Escuchar Y Leer En Español

  87. Andi mack

  88. really it brings joy

  89. Divno savrseno

  90. Lol!!!!

  91. Gotta b fake….tooooo cheezy…lol!

  92. we used drones 😂 අම්මෝ යකෝ අවුරුදු ගානකින් ආයේ වීඩියෝ එක බැලුවේ.

  93. I totally lost it when that dude dropped the D bomb at the end

  94. Okay…this one is actually good. Some parts in the presentation made it suspicious and it mostly sounded like something the company thought would be a big hit but not like something peoplke would be so interested in. BUT nonetheless they made it look like they were actually serious about making this…well…kinda. So sold…with a grain of salt.

  95. We use Drones ! lol 🤣🤣🤣

  96. "Its not all shouting Geronimo and barrel rolls… ITS SCIENCE (0_O) "

  97. " We use DRONES (0_O) "

  98. 1:30 What the…?
    Who is she Mary Poppins?

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