Introducing our IOS Developer Mert Serin

Introducing our IOS Developer Mert Serin

Hello, welcome. Today we will chat with our IOS Developer, Mert Serin, and get to know him better. Hello Mert. Hi Simge, welcome. Thank you, how are you? I am fine, thanks, and you? I am okay. Could you tell us about yourself
and your experiences? Of course. Hi everyone. I graduated from Computer Engineering
at Hacettepe University in 2016. I have been dealing with IOS applications
since 2012. Yeah, since Apple introduced Swift,
so it’s almost four years now. Apart from these, I
am a guy who prefers working with startups
instead of corporates. That’s why I joined MenaPay thinking that
it will be a good opportunity for me. Since May, I have been entitled to be
IOS Developer at MenaPay. So why did you choose IOS?
Is there any specific reason? To be honest, I was thinking
of quitting Computer Engineering before I started to work with IOS. Maybe the reason was that I couldn’t see
physical outcome of the codes I wrote. After being IOS developer,
I saw that any change in codes was affecting the applications instantaneously. For example, the response we
get when we touch a button. These kind of things made me excited
about developing mobile applications. That’s why I am tight-knit to
IOS developing as it saved my professional life. Cool. Then how did you become acquainted
with Blockchain? I became acquainted with Blockchain in 2013 when my brother said, “Look there is
something called Bitcoin.” At the beginning, it was very difficult
for me to understand the technology, because it was not like anything
we had seen before. One of the reasons I am interested in
Blockchain is that it takes authorization from institutions and give people like us. It is
completely based on people. In that respect,
Blockchain mesmerized me. Especially, maybe this is from a more
technological aspect, when I read about 51% Attack, which causes Blockchain to crash, but at the same time which makes it so safe,
I found it so logical. That’s why, I think Blockchain will prove
useful in many areas. Which areas do you think it will be used? In that respect, generally given
examples are economy, pharmaceutics
and ballot technologies. But apart from these, maybe there are
more examples to be consiered but we are not aware of them,
maybe 4 or 5 years later, we may. 5 years ago, we weren’t talking about
anything we do right now. Blockchain was a brand new technology,
and so is AI. That’s why, I think Blockchain hasn’t
completed its evolution and it will give us more than
we think in future. So how did you join MenaPay? I joined MenaPay in April when Çağatay, Tuna and Erdem said that
they were going to start a startup and with this initiative, we would create added value in Turkey and we would work on a technology
we could find out by ourselves. Our first task was developing
a BlockChain based Paint application alongside with MenaPay. However I am interested with Blockchain, the best part of this project is that
it’s a team’s work. The stronger our team is,
the better the products would be. That’s why, we have a great team here, our consultants, technic and mobile team
and all. Should I include myself? Of course, it is not direct. In that sense, with the team we have here, I believe we shall achieve a great deal, and succeed in doing everything that MenaPay project would require. That’s why, in May, I started developing the mobile application with first
design drafts, and since then I am a part of
MenaPay project. So when will our first version be released? For our first version, everything
is going as planned. If I remember correctly, on September 15,
we will get our application. First version will allow users to register and use basic functions except for paying with QR code. In the mean time, we will use feedbacks
to make our application better. Then we will integrate Blockchain
completely to our application. We hope to offer final version
to our users and supporters in December. Great! Then we will meet with
the first version in September. Hope so! If everything
goes as planned, you will be able to use the
application by September 15. Great! Then, I won’t keep you
busy anymore. I have an application to make
till September 15. Great! Thank you very much. Thank you. See you soon!

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  1. Excellent project, professional team

  2. Excellent company! I advise everyone to join, this company will definitely bring profit in the future. Good luck to you!

  3. From his brother's experience with Blockchain, he finally joined Menapay as an iOS developer, this was very influential in the project to support success

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