Introducing QlikView on iPad

Introducing QlikView on iPad

Tablets are now a part of our daily lives. They’re convenient, portable and engaging. And they connect us to live feeds for all our home and work activities. Increasingly, people are bringing tablets through the front doors of organizations. QlikView on Mobile transforms your tablet into the ultimate Business Discovery tool. It’s a “game-changer” that gives you deep insight and analysis
whenever and wherever you want. It features a compelling user interface with state-of-the-art visuals. Anyone can jump in and become instantly productive.
Just touch to access and analyze your data. Zoom in for more detailed views. And search all your data with simple keywords. With QlikView on Mobile, there are no static views or out-of-date PDFs
like other mobile BI apps. You get live data so you know what’s happening with your business as it happens. If you begin your analysis on your desktop, QlikView bookmarks
let you continue discovering on the tablet, right where you left off. You get data that’s relevant to you… right now! And IT still retains centralized control of security and manageability. QlikView for Mobile means Business Discovery on the go. So, where do you discover?

2 thoughts on “Introducing QlikView on iPad

  1. Nice. As the voice over states the UI changes in SR2 are a game changer. Can't wait to get some clients up and running with this.

  2. Great: I think that mobile Business Intelligence will be the future of it! It's also more intuitive and easy to use for final user.

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