iOS 10 Dark Mode Revealed

iOS 10 Dark Mode Revealed

Whats up youtube so today i want to show
you dark mode in iOS 10 now you can actually
enable dark mode as a beta 1 i’m sure in the future apples going to make it a
toggle and you’ll be able to enable it across the entire OS but they have left
little hints all around and the note most noticeable one would be the clock
out which has a full dark theme and you can disable it or anything so they
obviously plan to keep it like this and i’m sure they’ll offer a toggle to go
back as well it will be across the whole West but i
just wanted to show you guys a couple apps the stock app has been around for a
while and it has always been in a dark kind of dark mode but i’m sure it will
follow suit with what to expect in all the other apps and then just as more
examples when the WWDC app was released it’s not a full dark mode if you notice
the shades are a little different here but it just kind of indicated that Apple
has chosen to go about you know enabling a dark mode across all their apps so
they’re just slowly doing it and the taste is the watch app so what do you
guys think of dark mode i’m pretty excited to have a beta that has it
enabled across the entire is it will be really nice to have a
different change in iOS and I hope they choose something different than this
kind of golden brown because although it does stand out and
it makes it easy to read i kind of don’t like it anyways what do you guys think let me
know in the comments below we’ll see you next time

10 thoughts on “iOS 10 Dark Mode Revealed

  1. They should have instead of the goldish brown color they should have it blue

  2. So… by "dark mode", you mean "the clock app".

  3. Of course, I would love Dark Mode to be fully developed

  4. iPhone system default sounds is currently encrypted , limited, and cannot be change. I wish Apple improve a broader notifications sound options.

  5. iOS 10 beta 2 sucks

  6. I believe Apple is bringing dark mode to all iOS devices as they will be introducing OLED displays soon and if you don't already know to light up a whole OLED takes battery juice while black is just off on an OLED so dark mode would save battery.

  7. how to enable dark mode

  8. Basically Apple enable dark mode on there apps not everything.

  9. this nigga just let everyone know where he lives with the coordinates

  10. squidward???

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