iOS 12.1.1 Battery Test iPhone SE

iOS 12.1.1 Battery Test iPhone SE

What’s up friends welcome to 9to5 tech and
this is the iOS 12.1.1 max clock battery drain test so let’s get started now
so in this test we set the brightness to max and WiFi is on and cellular connectivity is
also on so this is the quite intensive battery drain test and now lets start the test enjoy
the test. Friends basically I tried to shoot a time
lapse but I shoot the whole video in slow motion and that cost me around 2 hours 10
minutes of video so as you can see so that’s why this is not a full time lapse video
oops such a low scores 1370 on iOS 12.1.1 now let me just show you the previous scores
of iOS 12.1 1690 iOS 12.1 still better as compared to this update on both update my
battery capacity is 86% and iOS 12.1 lasted 2 hours 49 minutes as compared to iOS 12.1.1
which lasted 2 hours 17 minutes so such a big difference in battery life if you want
more battery life I don’t prefer you to update to this update and if we compared with
the iOS 12.1.1 beta 3 that update lasted 2 hours 23 minutes still better but such a bad
optimization by Apple in iOS 12.1.1 so hope you guys like the video and dislike the update
but first of all I tell you we finally reached 200 hundred subscribers so thank you guys
to make this happen now hope you guys like the video give a thumbs up and I know you
are disappointed by Apple due to such a low optimization until next time peace

8 thoughts on “iOS 12.1.1 Battery Test iPhone SE

  1. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Thanks bro… Apple – you are again giving updates to intentionally downgrade battery performance and battery performance of ios 12.1,1 🔋 is worst than 12.1 in iPhones 📱

  3. Thanks, bro!)

  4. Bro, I’m not downloading or update apps with cellular data . And some apps like OLX India, Paytm, Ganna .. are also not working.. but I connect my device with wifi it works properly..
    YouTube and all other apps are working fine .. I play videos in good quality, there is no problem in my internet speed.. what I do bro..

  5. #CellularGate This is the problem with iOS 12.1.1 which makes 4G useless and every single app not working on cellular data and this is the article link:

  6. Do for ios 12.1.2 beta 1

  7. lol

  8. How long does a battery last when using a capacitor ??

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