iOS 12.2 Animoji’s!!!!

iOS 12.2 Animoji’s!!!!

100 thoughts on “iOS 12.2 Animoji’s!!!!

  1. An apostrophe does not a plural make.

  2. this is sad.

  3. Hey iJustine! I know this is far from your field of youtubing but it would be really cool if you react to blackpink (kpop) and bts…

  4. justine can you show to us all ur apple collection ☺

  5. Love it when you unbox Apple tech stuff…

  6. Do you still like your switch, if so, please do another review on it, I am debating whether to get one

  7. MACK THE KNIFE – Bobby Darin (Lyrics)(Animated) –

  8. How many phones do u fave?

  9. Hey would you please do a video on casetify after having the case on for a week or so.. like see if its protective like it claims to be? Thanks love your videos! ❤

  10. Oh Reaction Time is in the thumbnail

  11. I just saw that

  12. I'm a new member

  13. Love the animoji. So much fun to do. Could do it all day. And it is a warthog

  14. I can’t have an iPhone X because the whole time I would just mess around with Animoji

  15. 1:18 Justine: We’ve got a shark
    Me: U mean Kirishima?

  16. uJustine

  17. Me watching this with my iPhone 5 ?

  18. hey i have an idea for a video for u…do a windows gaming pc build with austin evans,ive never seen u do videos with him lol 🙂 i know ur an all apple fan so i thought id throw out lol…I saw sarah deistry do a video like this over a year ago 🙂

  19. No iPhone X’s or XR’s Gang? ??‍♀️

  20. so justine would be exited if apple released a potato?

  21. You are so pretty! I was your second subscriber! I LOVE you!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  22. Please use my referral code when ordering your new Tesla thank you.

  23. So glad I I’m getting iPhone 10 to be giraffe

  24. Any update on your switch to s10?

  25. I won’t get the update?????

  26. Android: New Advanced Features New Style Low Price range compatible with 90% of modern technology today Newer android devices like the galaxy s8 and the pixel batteries last up to 3 days with medium usage on one charge

    Apple : Same Phone as last year No New Features Overhyped product Expensive Pricerange. Always plugged into an outlet

  27. imagine if animoji had bodies that would be soooo scary but it would be a hard comitment to make for Apple

  28. 5.800.000 visualisations e likes

  29. I love the new Animoji’s they’re so cute

  30. Happy late birthday and am I the only one who noticed her new icon one like a gift for Justine ?. ?

  31. The owl is cute ? ?

  32. HiHi

  33. Why doesn’t Justine voice act for Disney?

  34. The title said animojis and she included herself on the video

  35. امل ايج

  36. You are an inspiration ? i have just entered ur giveaway ?

  37. Lol l am just watching ur videos think i am so poor and my mum and dad won't let me get any apple products because they say there 2 expensive so i entered ur giveaway ?

  38. Can I get a phone please eney one ,I'm sitting here with my mothers Vodafone .

  39. Her animoji looks like Iggy Azalea lmao

  40. who's Jenna

  41. I remember waiting 5 min for a video to buffer on the YouTube app. On WiFi..

  42. review the samsung A50 and A30

  43. iJustine: what's your favorite tech that you like me to open?

    Me: Everything.

  44. To be honest the boar looks better than you .

  45. u should of sing baby shark with the shark animoji lol ???

  46. When you asked Siri when shark week was, she said the same thing for me lol

  47. Where do you find Anamojis

  48. I laughed at Justine more than the Animoji HAHAHAHA. I also just updated

  49. Hey this is amazinfg

  50. I hope ? in 2020 that they make a flip iPhone where you can flip it

  51. How do you get Animoji’s ?. I love you

  52. I love the new Animoji’s are sooo cool I pass the time on the Animoji’s ?

  53. I like the chicken.

  54. Can you try to find airpods for Android?

  55. Will I at least get 10 likes for saying HIIIIIIII

  56. You do have a mix of blue and green eyes it's beautiful. Also are you planning on doing a collab with everything apple pro?

  57. I Love the Giraffe and the Shark!!

  58. What is dat gloe lit

  59. the giraffe is so comical love it funny

  60. funny girraqfe

  61. girrafe

  62. can u do a video about Siri secrets or fun things to say to Siri

  63. Giraffe is my fav jussd ?

  64. Siri failing at shark week is me every day interacting with Siri ??

  65. When you have extra chromosome

  66. i love your unboxing thank you for making my day great again

  67. Hi

  68. Hi Does the iOS 13 new update software offer emoji or Memoji on the iPhone 6S ? And if not why is there no developer offer it

  69. The iPhone 8 does not have it soooo sad

  70. Some knockoff app is using this video to advertise their fake animojis

  71. Dope

  72. This video is a add

  73. I wish you can use Animoji’s in the comments :c

  74. Well there is some android ad using this video on youtube to get some people to get a launcher with animoji, I dont know why but it is probably not good with some android cameras

  75. This video was in a ad,used at 2:31

  76. When I was watching a video, I saw an ad copying your video. How?
    1. It was a wallpaper app. The ad was a animoji type of video.
    2. I don't know ..


    Please don't steal!

  77. Some app called magic launcher is using your video for adds ?

  78. I only have an Android.. no animoji!!!

  79. Wow I love the giraffe

  80. Some crappy app made an ad with u in it, its fake.

  81. Animoji are weird…

  82. Animoji video: * exists *
    Keyboard ads: it's free real state

  83. Pls do a iOS 13 animojis

  84. How do Animojis work tho?

  85. how old are you?

  86. I wonder, do you even play video games or is all the hype just for your show?

  87. Passion Fruit

  88. Shark is the funniest

  89. I always am excited about your videos that are Apple related. Not long now until WWDC September. I’ll bet that new iPhone you’re looking forward too. Why is it always about what the camera can do i mean those leaks are so ugly and I have trouble typing on my iPad coz I am not used to it considering I only bought my first one a month ago. Whhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyy??????? I don’t know coz it’s Apple. Lol. Am so looking forward to your future videos and what Apple is going to announce next month. I’ll be awaiting your vlogs from the Apple Event. Yay ????????

  90. ?????

  91. Mr shark you don’t have good teeth

  92. 2:46 Imagine just sitting in Starbucks enjoying your drink,and you just see a person doing this….

  93. I own angelclub too

  94. I am on partly 19 at it „Folge 1645“ von Köln 50667, Juli 2019

  95. O

  96. ?

  97. ?

  98. I got Animoji on a iPhone not even a x or xr but I can’t move them yet

  99. how do you get your iphone screen to show up in your video?

  100. I miss Animoji because i've never been in that app for years. I know the real Animoji is a great emoji face recorder app and it's popular on Youtube but it's only aviable for iPhone.

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