iOS 12.3 Beta 3 – Follow Up

iOS 12.3 Beta 3 – Follow Up

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech &
iOS 12.3 beta 3 has been out for a few days and I’ve been using it on my iPhone
XS Max and also I got a bunch of feedback from you on the YouTube
community poll that I posted a few days ago so I wanted to talk about what I’m
experiencing what you’re experiencing and then we’ll take a look at the poll
itself so on my iPhone XS Max it’s actually been pretty good as far as
speed I haven’t had any stutters and a lot of people are saying the settings is
still studying or locking up but for me thankfully that’s not happening most of
the time I have a pretty consistent frame rate not always but most of the
time so just launching apps like weather or any other app really I have no issues
however I do have an issue with LTE still in fact it’s really annoying to me
on this particular beta because I continually have to shut off Wi-Fi turn
it back on turn on airplane mode turn it back off it’s really pretty annoying and
I actually find that I have more issues with Wi-Fi on this particular beta than
I do LTE and I haven’t really had that before so it’s really a pain I could go
to load something especially in the morning for some reason and it just
doesn’t work right so I’ve had that issue and many of you have reported
similar things also many people are having notification delays so if you’re
using your notifications on your lockscreen they’re just not showing up
regularly until maybe you go and pull down the notification drawer and they’ll
be there or they’re just not there altogether it’s really weird it doesn’t
make sense and I’ve found that if I turn off specific notifications sometimes
they just start popping in so if I turn on notifications here maybe YouTube
studio or whatever then all the sudden I’ll get email notifications that I
wasn’t getting before and what I find most of the time is it seems to work
then it doesn’t work there’s no rhyme or reason why now as far as battery I have
not noticed a difference between iOS 12.3 beta 2 and beta 3 so if I go to
battery here this one is a newer phone if you didn’t see that video this is a
brand new iPhone so the battery health will be at 100% but three hours and nine
minutes of average screen on time when our 53 of screen off time now keep in
mind that is with my battery being at about 50%
of the day so here are all of the different battery health levels was
using a different phone before these so you’ll see that was the best I got 4
hours and 43 minutes three hours screen off time and I have a lot of screen off
time usually because I have the Tesla app running it’s the key to the car so
that’s running and that causes that but for the most part I would say it’s
pretty decent battery life and keep in mind this 4 hour and 43 minutes it’s not
due to 90 or 100 percent battery life and that’s after about 50% to 60%
battery life being used so it’s really quite good now let’s take a look at the
youtube community poll we have it here and keep in mind when I run these polls
it’s to get an idea how it’s doing on many different devices so from the XR
to the 6s plus to the iPad pro all of these issues apply to all of the devices
so I’m not finding anything different across different devices these days it’s
more that people are experiencing the same issues across all these devices so
the YouTube community pulled quite a few of you voted I really appreciate that
five thousand two hundred or so voted 15 percent said great five percent said
terrible six percent said just ok 4 percent said ok but some bugs and I’m
using iOS 12.2 or older 70 percent so not as many people on the beta this time
around and I’ve read through every one of these these comments so I appreciate
the comments as well and the first one here I think’s interesting says I don’t
know why you always have this as a question when the majority is running an
older iOS well I do follow ups on the beta iOS and the regular one but not
multiple follow-ups usually so let’s take a look at some things you had to
say though so we’re at the bottom here and you’ll see it says working great on
my XR then still no update 2 beta 3 for me and I forgot to mention this a
little bit earlier in the video if you are on iOS 12 point 3 beta 1 you
probably won’t see beta 3 you need to install beta 2 first and generally you
shouldn’t wait to install the betas the the point of a beta test is to help
Apple determine where the bugs are and import feedback and the feedback app
here so update and you’ll find the next one
that’s not true for everyone I guess but it should be fixed in the next Veda so
you’ll be able to update I’m still on iOS 11 with no problems I would say
upgrade to 12 since it usually speeds the device up for most people
battery drain iPhone XR and iPad pro 2018 we’ll see much more issues than
beta 2 I guess I always use the official iOS version I’ve never been using a beta
and that’s what I recommend to most people unless you don’t mind dealing
with the bugs and reporting feedback I’m using iPhone X and the battery is
draining fast on beta 3 pretty good so far however I don’t like the update to
Apple TV app well unfortunately you’ll have to get used to that that’s here to
stay for quite some time for the first time I’ve been experiencing setting lock
ups on my iPhone XR with beta 3 other than that it’s been working just
fine battery back back up in beta 2 & 3 are the same before it was awesome in my
XS Max I’m using it on my tennis max and it’s better than beta 2 better
better battery life the only issue is so far I’ve had it heat up while browsing
Instagram it’s probably something going on in the background let’s see it’s been
great on my iPhone 8 can’t wait for iOS 13 I’m looking forward to that also LTE
seems to keep improving on my iPhone Tenace max with Verizon with the new
beta it’s good to hear iPhone XR constant freezes crashes
and LTE connectivity completely stops toggling airplane mode doesn’t work have
to reboot and it will work about 10 minutes this happens twice a day
overheating bad while charging the first 24 hours software with stuttering bad
haven’t had any problems with the betas until Beta 3 yeah you may want to go
back that’s kind of unusual actually iPhone XS has been really good I’ve
got to say I can’t wait for next year’s iPhone these intim homes are trash
unfortunately it looks like the 2019 iPhones will have Intel modems since
they’re already building them 2020 iPhones probably will have the Qualcomm
modems it’s great on iPod but on iPad Mini 5 it doesn’t allow me to add music
from the computer using iphone SE and ipad 6 gen on iOS 12.3 beta 3 kind of
fixes the Wi-Fi issue that’s good I’ll take a look at two more literally
everything is freezing now it’s gone downhill every
this time my iPhone 7 works great not slow but still good battery and fast –
I’m using 12 point to swipe my tabs in Safari always stutters in beta 1 2 & 3
it really ruins the user experience and that’s it for this follow-up hopefully
we see the next version on Monday we don’t know that for sure we might see it
on Monday or we’ll see it the following week either way of course I’ll be making
a video on that let me know your thoughts and how it’s going for you
still I’d love to hear what you have to say in the comments below
of course I’ll link this wallpaper as I always do if you haven’t subscribed
already please subscribe and if you enjoyed the video please give it a like
if not the other ones ok – as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll
see you next time

100 thoughts on “iOS 12.3 Beta 3 – Follow Up

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  77. Hi
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