iOS 12.3 is Out! – What’s New?

iOS 12.3 is Out! – What’s New?

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
today Apple released iOS 12.3 to the public this is available
worldwide and should be available on any device iPhone 5s and newer now if you
had the beta on here prior you do not need to remove the beta profile in order
to receive it but you will need to update to have the latest version if
it’s not installing for you though go to general scroll down go to profile delete
this profile reboot your device and then you’ll be able to actually install iOS
12.3 now on this device with the beta installed iOS 12.3 came in at 2.8 4
gigabytes if you did not have the beta installed prior to this and you were
just on iOS 12.2 or older it’s going to come in it a little bit smaller around
four hundred and sixty four point three megabytes depending on the device let’s
take a look at the build number you can see the build number is 16 f15 6 and
this particular build adds quite a few things in the background including a lot
of security updates I’ll talk more about that towards the end of the video but
the first thing it adds is airplay too so if you have one of those new Smart
TVs that has airplay to capability you’ll now be able to share your photos
at your videos and your music directly from your phone like you can on an Apple
TV device so if we wanted to share this through say screen mirroring or
something like that and we had one of the Smart TV devices we could share it
with our different Apple TV or that TV so you’ll have that ability now if you
have one of those Smart TV devices the next thing they updated has to do mostly
with the TV app so that’s what this major update is about 12.3 adds support
for this new fully redesigned TV app and it allows for subscriptions and things
like that so I’ve mentioned this before in the beta but it has not only the
different TV shows and movies that you own but also the ability to subscribe to
a bunch of different services and it also will keep the location of the last
thing you played so maybe you were watching the last game of thrones or
Band of Brothers you’ll see it actually keeps the location if I were to play
this it would start over or wouldn’t start over it would start at the
location I left off that’s directly from the TV app even if it has to go into
something else like Amazon Prime video so that’s a new little feature that
they’ve added they’ve also added Siri suggestions to
watching movies and TV shows so if you go into your Siri suggestions you may
have one for TV shows when there’s something new and then also they’ve
added intelligent suggestions in on device so other than just Siri
suggestions there might be different suggestions not only in the TV app but
popping up on your device from time to time
now with this Apple TV app redesign they’ve added a kid’s section and this
kids section gives suggestions for different things for your children to
watch that are more age-appropriate and whether or not they actually are though
there may be some other things in here hopefully it’s a little bit better than
some other services out there but so far it looks okay but again it’s a new
section that’s in here now aside from this Apple TV app there are a bunch of
bug fixes and improvements and so if you use the news app here which I don’t
really but if you use the news app and you’ve got news plus you’ll see my
subscription subscription expired if I go to news Plus we now have the ability
to follow magazines so if you subscribe to this and you want to follow a
magazine you can follow it not just subscribe to it and maybe have it let
you know when there’s a new magazine available so that’s a new feature as
well now another update they’ve done has to do with Apple music and if you’ve got
the for you tab here you can go to your recently played but it also gives a
bunch of suggestions and this will change multiple times per day where
before it did not and it may take a couple days to change it should change
daily based on what you’re listening to your moods and your genres now one of
the fixes that they’ve actually included with this has to do with the Apple TV
remote so if you’re using the Apple TV remote either built-in here or the app
itself it will now pause properly and allow you to control the different
things like volume or pause play and actually just work properly whereas
before it did not work so great sometimes you go to pause it and it just
wouldn’t do anything so all of those things should be fixed also this one
should be a big one for a lot of people Wi-Fi calling if you’re on Wi-Fi Wi-Fi
calling should no longer drop your call when you’re on a phone call and that can
incredibly frustrating for a lot of people having issues with Wi-Fi so
finally Apple has addressed this and hopefully it fixes other issues with
Wi-Fi as well it also fixes apple carplay not showing song information so
if you’re playing a song and you’re on apple carplay sometimes the song just
wouldn’t show up or the information wouldn’t properly that should be fixed
as well now as far as security goes there are 23 different security
categories of fixes related to everything from the kernel to mail to
WebKit and more and I’ll link that in the description if you’d like to look at
that more thoroughly but there’s a lot of different fixes in there that have to
do with the security of your device and I highly recommend you update to this
version because of all those security fixes they’ve really fixed a lot of
vulnerabilities now aside from that we have no idea whether or not they fix
issues with LTE in fact this phone doesn’t have my sim card in it right now
my XR does but we have no idea whether or not they fixed issues with LTE
dropping or Wi-Fi dropping hopefully they did and battery life as compared to
iOS 12.2 seems to be pretty solid I wouldn’t say it’s a vast improvement but
it seems to be pretty solid overall this is the past few days of running the
latest beta I’ve had 5 hours and 6 minutes of screen on time one hour and 6
minutes of screen off time and there’s quite a bit of background activity as
well so that’s probably with about 20 or 30% left so we probably would have a
solid 6 to 7 hours of screen on time if I let the battery go down to 0 now aside
from that speed seems ok with this with beta 5 and 6 speed was good not only
scrolling and things like that but going back to an iPhone se you’re different
things like scrolling in music usually usually a pretty solid and the OS is
responsive even on the oldest devices if we go to the 6s plus and you can go to
older than that you’ll see if we go into music I have an open music and quite
some time on here not since it rebooted with the update we’ll go into the App
Store and you’ll see it loaded nice and quickly go to games tap on a game here
and everything is opening nice and fast so no issues with
their devices now there is no new changes when it comes to the iPad
everything’s the same everything’s nice and smooth as well now I ran a Geekbench
on all of these devices and on the XS max the Geekbench scores were pretty
good 4785 for single core 11,326 from multi-core compared to the history
it’s doing quite well no dramatic changes or shifts in the actual numbers
or anything so we’re pretty solid I wouldn’t expect any slowdowns or
anything like that if you’d like a benchmark on all of these take a look at
all these devices where I ran that as you can see we have Geekbench scores on
the iPad pro 10.5 iPhone se iPhone 6s plus iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR
so this should just give you a baseline for what they should be about now they
may go up in a little bit of speed over time as all of those background changes
going on are completed so overall it should be pretty good that’s it for iOS
12.3 let me know what you think about it in the comments below and we should see
iOS 13 with the big changes at least the first beta of it with it releasing in
September finally to the public we’ll see those changes in the first week of
June so be sure to check back for that also I’ll be doing a follow-up video on
this particular update so I’d love to hear what you have to say about it in
the comments below and check back for my youtube community poll that I post a few
days after this comes out if you’d like to get your hands on this wallpaper I’ll
link it in the description as I always do if you haven’t subscribed already
please subscribe and like as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll
see you next time

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