iOS 12.4 Beta 3 – What’s New?

iOS 12.4 Beta 3 – What’s New?

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
today Apple released iOS 12.4 developer beta 3 this is out to
developers and maybe out to public beta testers by the time you’re watching this
or later in the day or the following day it just depends and this one came in at
two hundred and seventy nine point five megabytes on my iPhone XS max and it
can vary depending on which device you’re on now let’s take a look at the
build number you can see the build is sixteen G five zero three eight D and
this particular build actually has one small change but let’s talk about the
actual storage size since I did a before and after screenshots so if I go into
photos prior to installing the iOS update I had thirty nine point five
gigabytes used when it comes to system storage I was using fifteen point six
seven gigabytes let’s take a look at the actual storage now so we’ll go to iphone
storage and you’ll see it’s a using a little bit more and this goes up and
down as it’s installing and then kind of optimizes everything in the background
let’s wait for it to load and we’ll take a closer look so as you can see system
storage is seventeen point zero five gigabytes on my iPhone XS Max and this
can go up or down depending on what you’re doing but I just kind of wanted
to give it as a reference as it seems that iOS over time has actually gone
down and using the amount of system storage I don’t know if there was a bug
or they fixed it along the way but it’s just something to know now they did
update the modem firmware numbers on the devices so you should have a new remote
um firmware number and I have noticed that iOS has been better
especially with twelve point three point one and it seems like they really fixed
it with that version I’ve been running that on an eight plus but this is my XR which I have my sim card in right now so I switch around a little bit and
it seems to be better I have not had any disconnects with Wi-Fi which is great
even though it says full signal data is working much better and hopefully it
continues to get even better with this particular update now aside from the new
modem firmware they actually updated one icon and this may hint to iOS 13 and
we’re not sure but the feedback icon is a little bit different you’ll see
it’s more rectangular here so it’s a little more oblong it’s in a slight
change we don’t know if this is maybe a hint towards iOS 13 and it’s hard to say
but iOS 13 is not that far off in fact it’s in less than a week now so on iOS
or on June 3rd will see iOS 13 will see beta 1 so that will be available to
developers but not public beta testers usually for about a month and then the
final release will come out in September now other than that there is nothing
more new that I was able to find in this particular update normally with these
updates you can assume there’s bug fixes and tweaks in the background and that’s
about it normally they don’t do a whole lot more
but I can say that it seems super fast so everything is nice and fast as far as
scrolling I haven’t had any freezes in settings at all and you’ll see it’s very
smooth and I can show you that with the Geekbench numbers they seem to be much
more consistent and I’ll show you that in a moment now as far as battery is
concerned battery does take a few days to measure for sure depending on which
device you’re on but it will take a few days to know for sure what the battery
is like but we’ll wait for it to load here and with beta 2 it was pretty good
these are the best numbers but five hours and three minutes with about 40%
battery life left 30% left so I’m getting through the day no problem with
these particular betas thankfully and iOS 12 point for beta 3 should be no
different but we’ll see in a few days with the follow-up now Apple did release
an iPod Touch today and that’s probably what twelve point three point one was
about it may have had some things in there for that but I just wanted to show
you even on older devices scrolling is nice and fast everything’s nice and
smooth and I have seen in forums so far that this particular beta seems to be
very fast for most people some people were saying it’s not that much faster
but I’m seeing it even on older devices be incredibly fast and when we’re
talking about other devices I don’t see anything new with the iPad but I expect
big changes with iOS 13 on the eye now let’s take a look at the Geekbench
scores because I think they’ve become more consistent so on my iPhone XS Max
you’ll see I scored four thousand eight hundred and twenty-nine for single core
and eleven thousand two hundred and eighty nine from multi-core let’s take a
look at the history and it seems to have improved for single core but not so much
for multi-core but that means it’s staying fast but what I found is on all
of these devices it was actually very good so let me show you that on the far
left we have the iPad pro 10.5 in the middle at the top we have the iPhone 6s
plus below that we have the iPhone se to the right of that we have an iPhone XR
and then to the right of that is the iPhone XS Max so that should give you
an idea or a reference to what you should be getting and again I said it’s
quite consistent and these numbers usually go up after you use it for a few
hours so this is a pretty good sign so that’s it for iOS 12 point 4 beta 3 let
me know what you think in the comments below of course I’ll link this wallpaper
in the description as I always do if you haven’t subscribed already please
subscribe and like if you enjoyed the video as always thanks for watching this
is Aaron I’ll see you next time

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