iOS 12 multiplayer AR gaming first look

iOS 12 multiplayer AR gaming first look

So we’re here at WWDC
checking out all the new updates that Apple just announced
on stage for iOS and macOS. Now, one of the big things
that it announced for iOS is called AR Kit 2. Now, that’s an updated framework
of its augmented reality tool set for developers. It basically lets developers
make even more advanced augmented reality apps
using the smart phone’s cameras and its sensors. Now one of the new updates
that’s coming with AR Kit 2 is called Multiplayer AR Games. Now, essentially you make an app, an AR Kit app and you’re allowed to bring everybody into one shared world. That means multiple people
with multiple devices are all seeing the same
thing that’s fixed in space but it’s made out of code
and doesn’t really exist. Now, one of the games that Apple developed just to show this off
is called Swift Shot. It’s a multiplayer game, a
multiplayer slingshot game and it supports up to four
players at the same time. Now, what we did was, me and
Deer was on the same team. We’re facing two other
attendees here at WWDC. We each had an iPad
Pro, a 9.7 inch iPad Pro and we had a whole table full of obstacles that we had to knock
down using a slingshot. The goal of the game was to
knock down your opponent’s three flags and if your
slingshot got knocked down you had to move to another
one and use that one instead. Now, for a game that
I’ve never played before we were pretty good at it actually. And we won both of our games back to back. – Where’s the last– – [Narrator] Oh, what’s up? – [Referee] Okay,
congratulations orange team. – Wow, look at that. Now that said, it is
still quite difficult. You really have to move around. You have to get angles. You have to basically get lower higher. You have to really use the physical space to take advantage of the full breadth of the augmented reality features. Now, we saw something
similar at Google I/O. Where Google introduced cross platform augmented reality multiplayer games. But, on iOS and especially
with AR Kits’ sophistication, you can expect to see a little bit more polished experiences. And Swift Shot was
definitely one of those. Now, it’s just the first of
what could be many many many multiplayer AR apps that developers can make for the iOS platform. We won’t see any of those unfortunately until September when iOS 12 launches. AR Kit 2.0 is part of the new iOS update and it’s not coming to the public until presumably the new iPhones
in September come out. That said, developers
are going to be able to get their hands on this
software very soon. And they’re going to be
able to start building experiences that work in beta starting basically this week. So the WWDC keynote is wrapped and now we’re on the hunt for more cool things to get on video. Wanna read all the Apple
news and everything it announced here at WWDC? Check out See ya.

80 thoughts on “iOS 12 multiplayer AR gaming first look

  1. Yo Verge editing team!!!! Hats off to y’all keep it up i appreciate it

  2. That game looks fun as well.

  3. Really deep great

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  8. Let the degrading of society continue with pointless distractions. Remember in the “Fairly odd Parents” when AJ had VR? Yep. That’s where we’re at.

  9. apple ❤️??

  10. "You have to use the space" yea that's why it's called augmented reality, it's a game made for you to move

  11. The future is going to be pretty cool!

  12. so all you need is $4000 of apple phones and a $2000 table? think i'd rather spend a few weeks in Hawaii.

  13. I made a VR game (Medieval Mayhem) where you build a castle with bricks and chests and players need to destroy it with a ballista to steal your gold. I've been fairly interested in porting it to mobile AR (when it's finished as it's still in early access). This is the kind of tech we want for the future of AR.

    Eventually, AR will become more than games and fun apps as it will map the real world and tell us where we left our keys or whats in the fridge, but we'll maybe need AR glasses for that. When it's here, it will be the most lucrative industry of all time and they'll sell our infos like crazy.

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  18. Those r 10.5 “ iPad pro’s not 9.7”

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  26. why so much hate?

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  29. What a waste of time

  30. What happens when all the cameras are blocked or moved away from the main area at the same time?
    (It might happen, not impossible…)

  31. It’s not a 9.7” iPad pro, it’s 10.5” iPad pro.

  32. AR games are already big hit on IOS even exclusive games like CSR racing 2 and months later it’s comes to android only on the latest android like s9 not s8.
    Like wtf

  33. 0:59 “we each had a iPad Pro, an 9.7 inch iPad Pro”. I think you meant 10.5 not 9.7

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  35. Google release app call just a line drawing AR app available on AppStore Android users and iPhone users can draw together in AR basically shared AR.

  36. Don't have any interest in it unless there's some kind of hologram implementation to make it feel real. Without a hologram, there's really no need for everyone to play together in front of an empty board

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  39. it’s 10.5 inch ipad pro not 9.7

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  61. No big deal. I have done this 5 years ago using my own engine C++/OpenGL framework (notice simple graphics) and Vuforia. The only thing different is that this uses SLAM and Vuforia needed an image to tracker on the table. Dont see what the noise is all about. What I would like to see is AR glasses. Period.

  62. google give me this

  63. ur video quality is very amazing

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  69. Unless you can map the physical space into the virtual space beyond just a simple plane, AR has absolutely no use. Remove the AR and the game is functionally identical.

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    When 1st player make room(Lan host), he spawned on 0 0 0 in unity scene.
    After, when 2nd player joined to 1st, i want spawn him in position like real world. I mean, how to detect positions between phones in real life?

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