iOS 13.1 Beta 2 is Out! – What’s New?

iOS 13.1 Beta 2 is Out! – What’s New?

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
today Apple released iOS 13.1 developer beta 2 this is available to all
developers all iOS 13 supported devices and if you’re waiting for that public
beta it will be out later today or sometime tomorrow or maybe by the time
you’re watching this now if you’re wondering about iOS 13 where that’s at
well do not expect another update until the actual Apple Keynote which is on
September 10th it’s a Tuesday ample will show off the next iPhones the iPhone 11
and those different models and maybe some other things as well and then also
you’ll be able to get the GM or golden master after that that’s how they’ve
done it every year for many years so I would expect iOS 13 GM then and then
we’ll figure out how we can install iOS 13 if we don’t want to be on iOS 13.1
now this one came in at 280 point 4 megabytes on my iPhone XS Max
similarly-sized and all the other devices here so let’s take a look at the
build number you can see the build number is 17 a 5/8 31 C and this
particular build number really means we’ve got a ways to go as far as the
final version normally when there’s a C we’re waiting for B and a and I would
expect this version to actually or iOS 13 point 1 2 maybe release in October or
maybe even later now in this particular beta there are 26 known issues that
still remain but there are a lot of fixed ones however the notes do not
mention any resolved issues whatsoever now the one thing that is fixed at least
for me so far today is LTE there’s a new modem firmware in iOS 13
point 1 beta 2 and so far so far when I leave a Wi-Fi network it jumps over to
LTE no problem earlier in the day when I was on beta 1 this was really bad so
right now it’s working really well now as far as things that are fixed in this
particular update there’s quite a few little things that are fixed that were
broken in the previous version so if we go into photos and then I go to share
this wallpaper this is today’s wallpaper and of course I’ll link it in the
description as I always do we’ll go ahead and share here and you’ll see the
share sheet is actually fixed so all of the icons are still there of course I
have them blurred out but you’ll see that you can actually see my airdrop
icon and this is working proper now now if we slide up and we use this
as a wallpaper we can now move this around again we can resize the wallpaper
that was broken before they’ve since fixed that so that part’s great I’m glad
it’s working again and then also if you had a problem with hangouts crashing
that’s working again as well so those things are fixed that you can see and
thankfully it’s all working properly now on the iPad we had some issues with
folders and moving them around and they’ve fixed this as well and this is a
new little pop-up you’ll see it says today view add the two debate today view
we already knew about the today view but this is just showing up so we’ll just
add it to the home screen here and it goes away now as far as the folders go
these work a lot better now you’ll see we’ll wait for it there we can create a
folder they don’t blank out or go away and they do seem to be a little bit
darker as well especially if you have your device on dark mode if you have
dark mode turned on it’s actually the wallpaper seems to be a little bit
darker so if we go to light you’ll see there’s the wallpaper then we’ll go back
over here I don’t have the shortcut on here of course and now we’re back to
dark mode so the wallpaper does seem to respond and gets a little bit darker now
aside from the home screen being fixed there are a couple new things here and
there as well there’s a new feature in settings if we go to settings and then
we go down to shortcuts and here you’ll see there’s allow untrusted shortcuts if
you turn this off and back on it’s going to say allow untrusted shortcuts Apple
does not review shortcuts outside of the gallery running shortcuts from untrusted
sources can put your personal device or personal data at risk if we allow this
we need to put in our passcode so we’ll allow it put in the passcode now once
we’ve turned that on if we go home and then we go to shortcuts wherever I’ve
put that I just put it in a folder we’ll go in to shortcuts and then maybe I want
to share this shortcut so log caffiene tap the three dots and now I can
actually share it in the bottom right so we’ll go ahead and share it and you’ll
see here it gives me some actions if I hit copy iCloud link it says create
iCloud link anyone with access to this shared link will be able to view the
contents of this shortcut so it’s warning you if you want to share this so
you can copy it and then you’re good to go in order to do this you must be
signed into iCloud this iPad is not now that particular link was not on my
iPhone so if I go into my iPhone here the shortcuts option is not there so
we’ll go back if I go down to shortcuts the actual share option isn’t there so
you may or may not have this I’m not sure why it’s on my iPad it’s not on my
phones for some people it is some for some others it is not so I’m not sure
why that is but you may or may not have that now again on the iPad there’s one
more small change we’ll go back here we’ll go to settings and if we go to
settings and then we go to display and brightness under display in brightness
if we go to the bottom the home screen layout has changed its now animated
you’ll see it says more and bigger and then it also says keep today view on the
home screen this used to be under the widget itself now we can just turn it on
and off with a toggle and it says home screen layout so they’ve just changed
this around a little bit minor changes but they have tweaked it
so let’s go back home and take a look at a couple other new things now another
thing I noticed that seemed new to me was under podcasts and if you go to
podcasts and hit Search it now says new and Apple podcasts searched the audio
now we knew we could do this before you can search the actual audio of a podcast
so maybe we’ll type in iPhone 11 and see what comes up we’ll search all podcasts
and see if it finds anything and you should be able to search it now so any
of these podcasts actually mention iPhone 11 so that should be something
that’s different as well it’s just a new little blurb there but we knew we would
be able to search those before now also some are saying that the actual spacing
on the dock is a little bit different I don’t see this you may or may not notice
it but if it is it’s very slight I compared it to different iPhones running
different versions of iOS in fact let me bring over my iPhone XR the spacing
may or may not be different this is actually on a previous version so the
spacing may or may not be different I don’t really
it also there is one thing that we won’t be able to see yet but when you’re
charging your device and you’re going to do an update there will be a new message
that has to do with either wireless charging verse wired charging and being
able to update not worrying about the charge level so we’ll see that when the
next update comes out but that’s something they’ve added that’s actually
in the code itself now as far as issues that still remain mail is still super
buggy it seems to be for most people already or still I’m surprised they
haven’t actually fixed this but hopefully they’ll fix this soon because
that’s a major problem for myself I really don’t enjoy using the mail app
because it’s kind of a pain it doesn’t work properly now as far as performance
it feels very fast and super smooth so if we go in here you’ll see it’s nice
and smooth and then 3d touching actually feels very similar to haptic touch but
it’s very fast so it doesn’t seem to feel as though it’s pressure sensitive
but it’s what the new 3d touch is now on older devices people in forums are
actually saying they’re seeing good performance on older devices as well
such as the SE and we’ll look at the 6s plus in a moment but again scrolling is
fast going into music maybe we’ll go out of that we’ll go into the app store give
it a second to load it’s the first time I’ve opened it and you’ll see it’s
pretty smooth and fast no problems there whatsoever and again on the 6s plus we
should see the same thing so with the 6s I haven’t opened the App Store yet there
we go nice and smooth let’s open music again
well it was a little choppy there and it usually is as it’s loading for a second
but it’s not too bad it seems like it’s nice and fast even on these older
devices so that’s really nice it should play your games fine of course it’s a
little bit of a mystery how we’re going to get back to iOS 13 if we want to be
on that now as far as battery battery is going to take a few days to measure I
always do a follow-up where I ask how it’s been for you but the previous beta
was okay I would say it’s on par with what we had before
and here’s over the last ten days I’m usually getting about six to six and a
half hours we is an entire battery charge so usually
by the time I go to bed I’ve done about four and a half hours of screen on time
and maybe an hour of screen off time just depending on the day and how much I
use the device and then I’ll have 20 or 30% left I wouldn’t say it’s phenomenal
but it’s okay we’ll check it in a few days but it is a beta and it’s not as
relevant on beta software and then there’s one final thing that isn’t
related to iOS so much as it is to Apple TV which was updated and they’ll have a
keep watching screen and so we’ll see that on some of the other ones as far as
keep watching and seeing how that does and it may prompt you after watching a
couple different videos to say do you want to keep lodging now as far as the
Geekbench is concerned I know a lot of you asked about that so I’ve run it on
all of these devices so I’ll open that up in just a moment and let’s take a
look at Geekbench on all of them so we’ll open Geekbench
and then my iPhone XS Max I have a score of four thousand eight hundred and
one eleven thousand four hundred and forty eight now there is a new version
of Geekbench out I didn’t use that just for consistency sake but I will switch
over to that once the new iPhones come out so we’ll go to history here we’ll go
to CPU and if we take a look compared to the previous version we’re right about
the same we’re within twenty to fifty to a point so basically it’s going to be
the same for most people but let me lay all these out so you can get an idea of
what this should be as far as Geekbench and we’ll take a look at it now from
left to right we have the iPad air 2 then the iPhone se then the iPhone 6s
plus and then the iPhone XS Max so these are all the different devices and
what they’re Geekbench scores are that’s it for iOS 13 point 1 beta 2 what do you
think about it let me know in the comments below of course I’ll link this
wallpaper in the description as I always do if you haven’t subscribed already
please subscribe and hit that notification bell if you’d like to see
more of these videos as soon as they’re released if you enjoyed the video please
give it a like as always thanks for watching I’ll see you next time

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