iOS 13.2.2 – Follow Up

iOS 13.2.2 – Follow Up

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech &
iOS 13.2.2 has been out for a few days I’ve been using it primarily
on my iPhone 11 pro and my twelve point nine inch iPad pro from 2018 and it’s
been a pretty good experience there are a lot of things that are fixed but
there’s also some other problems that not only myself is experiencing but
other people are experiencing as well so I wanted to talk about my experience
then I’ll talk about your experience based off the YouTube community poll
then we’ll take a look at the poll and then also read some of your comments as
well now the first thing is RAM management or apps closing in the
background that has been fixed with this particular update in fact it’s much much
better especially on an iPad so if you’re using an iPad or an iPad pro like
this one and apps we’re closing in the background when you were trying to
multitask and then maybe you go back into YouTube and YouTube would reload
for example now only the Refresh is happening it’s not reloading the entire
app every time so this is a much better experience so you can go into anything
from say the App Store and you’ll see the app stores reloading but I have not
had it open for a very long time so when I go back into the App Store or maybe I
go back into YouTube you’ll see YouTube did not reload so for me this is a major
positive for the last update now there are a few of you saying it’s still an
issue but we’ll talk about that in a moment and then also the number-one
issue I had was LTE switching or switching when we went from Wi-Fi to LTE
what would happen is I would completely lose all connections so I wouldn’t be
able to load any websites music wouldn’t play podcasts wouldn’t play and maybe
I’d go into YouTube for example and you’ll see it’s loading now and it just
loaded my subscription feed so it’s working fine and it’s finally back to
what it was like well I guess before iOS 13 because I had this problem as well on
my iPhone XS Max once we went to the 13 release so it’s finally fixed now for
people still having an issue with RAM management and LTE connections what I
would suggest and this is what I had to do
is after I actually updated it wasn’t fixed then I did a hard reset so what
that means is not wiping the phone but forcing the phone to turn off so on an
iPhone 11 pro max for example there’s a couple ways to do it but apple says
volume up volume down then hold the power button and if you keep holding it
will force it to shut off and then reboot and then after it reboots that
problem was fixed so if you’re having any of these weird random bugs the phone
heating up or anything like that I would suggest you hard reboot the phone and if
you have just a normal phone or an iPhone with a power button and a home
button hold both of those together I have separate videos on how to do hard
reset but it’s something I would highly recommend if you’re having those bugs
now as far as issues with this I actually really have not had any issues
on my devices now that they’re updated so I’ve had a pretty positive experience
overall however my wife has an iPhone X and I’ve talked about her phone a little
bit in the past but the one thing she was having problems with is mail and the
one thing she had a problem with his flagging mail so for example if I go
into mail and then maybe I’m in this particular mail here for Microsoft and I
go to flag it when you go to actually flag something you’ve got a choice of
colors and that’s something my wife was doing she was selecting different colors
well one thing she noticed is it would always default back to red it would just
go back to red every time so she could set it to green and start categorizing
them and they would default back to red over and over so she’s having that issue
will report it but it’s just an odd issue something we’ve noticed but for
all of us in my family as well as many of you the performance on this
particular update has been outstanding there’s really been no slowdowns except
for a few people and scroll speeds apps opening switching between different
things going to different feeds you’ll see it’s loading off LTE my signals not
so great right here where I’m at currently but overall it’s pretty good
I’ve had no issues whatsoever so I’m really happy with this update and that
leads me on the battery life now battery life I noticed last night before I went
to bed and I went to bed pretty late or early in the morning I suppose
I had 50% of my battery life left however my usage was not that high so
let’s take a look at the usage in battery health on my 11 pro max is a
hundred percent this is my full time phone but you’ll see here’s my usage for
today 3 hours and 22 minutes 1 hour and 31 minutes of screen off time most of
that is Twitter and using social media and messaging and I only use 25% of my
battery life so I’m actually pretty happy with that that means that if we do
the math here we’re at 10 to 12 hours of screen on time on my 11 Pro max now this
is going to vary depending on which device you have what apps you have
installed how you use it if you’re playing games that rely heavily on
processing power which will drain the battery quicker so it just depends on
how you’re using it but for most people and most people in the Commons you’ve
said that it’s great with the exception of one device and it seems like the
iPhone 7 and 7 plus seem to have more issues than others so we’ll take a look
at the comments in a moment but a lot of you are saying that we’re having issues
were on those devices now if we move over to what you’ve been saying based
off the comments I compiled all of the comments I read all of them we’ll talk
about that in a moment but I read all of them and then compiled
the information and saw what you had to say the most and most of you say that
RAM management has been fixed there are only a few of you saying that apps are
still closing in the background but most are saying that it’s back to normal
also I would say about 50% of you are saying battery is fantastic and then 50%
of you of you are saying it’s not so great and again I would suggest hard
resetting the phone if you’re having an issue also many people are saying touch
is more responsive so if you were having touch issues before that should be
better and then also some are saying notifications aren’t notifying them so
note of notifications may not be dinging or making a sound even when the phone is
not silenced and then others are just saying that they’re not showing up I
actually haven’t had this issue but I’ve seen a few of you say this so I I wanted
to bring it up and just let you know now a few of you have been saying that voice
over for accessibility isn’t working properly sometimes and that’s newer
apples really been pushing pretty heavily with
accessibility and I believe they still have a little ways to go but that is
still a bug for some people however based off all the feedback that I read I
would definitely recommend updating if you haven’t already if you’re on an
earlier version of iOS 13 this seems to be the most stable version of iOS 13 so
far now let’s take a look at the youtube community poll now the YouTube community
poll at this point has 17,000 votes so I really appreciate that 506 comments when
I compiled the comments we were almost at 500 so it took me a while to go
through all of them but I’ve read every single one of them and I wanted to talk
about how many times people mention different problems so a hundred and
eighty-three times battery was mentioned and like I said about 50% of you said it
was good 94 times RAM management was mentioned and over 90 percent of you
said that it was good or fixed 20 times mail was mentioned as having problems
but that’s not very many in the scheme of 500 comments and 3 times people
mentioned app crashes and then 17 times people mentioned the phone getting hot
or an iPad getting hot and like I said if it’s getting overly hot when you’re
just doing simple tasks and not gaming or doing something intensive I would
recommend that hard reset and see if that helps now I wanted you to take a
look at one other thing I compiled here on the left as you see before we take a
look at the comments on the left here are all the different devices that
you’re using based off the comments so these 500 comments here are all the
devices that I was able to get from those of you that actually mentioned
those devices now in this poll over 17,000 of you voted which is just
incredible to me in 24 hours time about so I really appreciate that
58% of you said it was great 4% said terrible 18% said okay but some bugs
only 8 or 8% of you are on the beta 13.3 beta and 12% of you use the androids so
again as I say every time I really appreciate those that are using Android
and stopping by an iOS video so let’s take a look at some of these comments
like I said there’s 506 and quite a few of them I really appreciate that but
let’s go to oldest first and then we’ll read some of these battery on my iPhone
Tenace max is fantastic RAM management is working great again battery on iPhone
7 + still not improved and this is where I keep seeing people with iPhone 7s
having a problem and if you remember a few back updates back Apple actually
didn’t push the update for iPhone 7 or 7 plus there’s something different about
it what it is specifically I don’t know maybe a chipset or maybe because they
change to no headphone jack there’s something different about it so I’m not
sure what that is but that’s where I see most of the issues with battery it’s
nice on my iPhone XR I get around 5 to 6 hours of screen on time with heavy
usage which is actually quite good on that phone iPhone XS running great but
phone gets a little hot it’s really the best update since iOS 13 has been
released everything works smooth like butter
iPhone 8 battery life’s still not good on my 11 Pro Max and that’s where I
said the 11 Pro max most people are saying it’s fantastic so I guess it just
depends on the phone it’s okay for me but bad battery I’ve on 100% I think you
mean battery elf for the iPhone 8 excellent battery life I am on iPhone 11
great using on my iPhone X using on iPhone 7 feels snappier than before but
I’m noticing some minor bugs that are here since iOS 13 RAM management seems
to be fixed and battery life is okay keep up the great videos thank you I am
on iPhone 7 battery is not as good and I tend to have a lot of issues around
stability of my cellular data it lags a lot without any known reason 13.2 was
okay but the update made my cellular data very laggy and unstable my iPad air
3 has been fine I wouldn’t update my iPhone 7 plus because of terrible
reports of battery life staying on thirteen point one point two until
there’s a more reliable report for that device iPhone 6s plus very fast draining
battery and also if I enable my data connection I did not receive a text and
if I disabled my data then all the text messages I think you’re saying are
coming in and please fix the battery issues like I said it’s very random and
hit or miss I would say the older the device the higher the chance of you
having some issues with battery some of that could be due to battery wear or
degradation with the bad very health over time others could be
that they’re just not paying as much attention to the older devices it’s hard
to say though big improvement over thirteen point two on my se and Mini for
multitasking seems to be back to normal I use an iPhone 11 Pro and an iPad 11
pro one instance recently of connectivity issue but apart from a lot
of updates recently no major dramas sometimes my ear pods won’t connect
until I put them back in the case some apps still reload from time to time but
it’s far better than what it used to be before I was a beta tester for iOS 13
before the first GM and the RAM issue was since day 1 as far as I can remember
and I reported it many times to Apple they fixed it when major outlets spoke
out about it that’s definitely true it’s it took quite a few people speaking out
about it I think to get it fixed but I’m glad they fixed it now the air pods
issue I actually have with my Mac when I try to connect it to my Mac sometimes it
doesn’t want to connect properly most of the time it’s fine though battery life
on my iPhone 11 pro max is great the app refresh issue is fixed battery draining
on XR very quickly iPhone X battery life still not as good as per iOS 12 sub
6 hours native Mail app works much smoother overall stability is best in
iowa’s 13 so far RAM management still suffers especially at YouTube I use an
iPhone se battery drain is very fast had issues with twitter refreshing itself
while while using the app that could be a Twitter issue though Photos app is not
scanning people’s faces right actually it doesn’t scan anything after I factory
reset my iPhone X that actually takes time that can take a lot of time and you
need to have your phone plugged in it usually overnight and it just takes a
lot of time depending on how many photos you have if you reset your phone it has
to start from scratch and rescan off the photon the faces because it’s actually
stored on the phone itself they don’t send it off to the cloud such as Google
Photos does for example I’m using iPhone 8 plus everything seems fine no lock ups
6s seems fine zero lock ups RAM management is better than before
iPhone ten-hour battery drain seems worse other
haven’t noticed any bugs yet running it on my iPhone 6’s no bugs or issues
encountered so far battery performance has improved when compared to the
previous version of iOS 13 3d touch tasks like getting into the multitasking
by 3d touching the left edge of the screen and other 3d options isn’t
working and as expected I have to press a lot higher than before to get it to
work haptic touch is working fine but that’s
it for iOS 13 point 2 point 2 I would expect iOS 13 point 3 beta to sometime
this coming week and as far as anything else we’re not really sure what’s going
into going to be in thirteen point three I wouldn’t expect any major changes but
you never know with Apple they could have a couple things that they’re
planning and also maybe those air tags we’ll see eventually that allow you to
locate different things such as those tiles that are currently sold but we
haven’t seen much of that yet but if you’ve found anything else or you’ve
seen anything I haven’t mentioned please feel free to comment in the comments
below if you’d like to get your hands on this
wallpaper I’ll leave it in the description as I always do if you
haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and if you enjoyed the video
please give it a like as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you
next time

100 thoughts on “iOS 13.2.2 – Follow Up

  1. Hey, I’ve been having battery life issues on my iPhone 11 Pro ever since iOS 13.2. Earlier I could get by 1.5 days of use with 8-9 hours of screen on time. Now, it’s dropped to 5-6hours of screen on time. And also my battery health has dropped to 98% in 50 days(I bought the iPhone on its release day).

  2. Hi Aaron, have you been experiencing some jittery animations? My Xs animations have not been smooth lately

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    Ps:If the iPhone unlocks when played it will make a strange noise

  4. Why are you always complaining?

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    Totally fed up!!
    Device: iPhone7

  10. I never had any major issues with IOS 13 on my 8 plus luckily. Battery stayed the same, performance is much better, no ram management issues,…smooth sailing all the way. 👍🏻

  11. Mine gets stuck in landscape orientation even after I turn it off. I have remove the app from memory and reload it. That’s about it.

  12. I’m having a problem with shortcuts
    When I create one and I tried to use Siri with it Siri keeps saying she didn’t get that

  13. Has anyone ever noticed the keyboard acts glitchy and causes a bunch of random letters to be typed sometimes?

  14. The mail app is absolutely useless
    I have never EVER seen an notification from the mail app for a new mail received
    It only refreshes when i open it
    And sometimes when i have already deleted some mails from gmailapp it still shows in mail app
    Am I doing something wrong here?
    On iphone xr

  15. Check out. Payette forward on YouTube for battery drain iOS 13

  16. Everything is a lot better since I updated to 13.2.2 on both my iPad and iPhone and at least I can go back to where I paused the video and watch the rest of it no problem with the cellular as it was working good any way and wifi has been good so it is a bit more stable

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  19. Im still having issue with my wifi, microphone, and my camera. I think ios 13 is the worst updates ever! Still love the ios 12!!

  20. Battery life seems fine to me (iPadOS), it's been great since 13.1.3 or 13.1.2 or so, and I don't think it's really changed in 13.2.2 for me. There seem to be far fewer bugs in 13.2.2 than in any of the previous iterations of 13.

    What's annoying is they STILL haven't fixed the issue with Bluetooth audio lag that I've been experiencing since 13.1, which seems to especially occur when watching YouTube videos in Safari, and requires me to disconnect my headphones, reconnect them, and then make sure the first thing I do that plays audio is start the YouTube video, or it'll again get out of sync.

    None of the updates have helped at all, and I mean at least in my case I'm using a 2019 iPad Air so I still have a headphone jack and can easily use my wired headphones, but it must suck for people using any new iPhone or the 2018 Pro. When Apple is pushing to remove the headphone jack you'd think fixing a bug with Bluetooth audio would be a priority.

  21. Battery life drain and wifi calling not working

    iPhone 8

  22. Regarding LTE on my XS Max, Soft and hard rebooting did not work. However, turning cellular data off and turning back on after a few seconds seem to have fixed the issue for me.

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  29. Thanks For the Great Video’s…
    I have an iPhone11 Pro Max (256) and iPad 11 Pro (256) No problems with Battery or RAM with the iPad. My iPhone 11 Pro Max the only issue I have is the the Battery will not Optimize the Battery charging even with the switch selected to on?

  30. Ip 11 battery not that good 3-4hrs screen on..battery gets drain faster on camera and games my brightness is 50%

  31. Since I upgrade for iOS 13.2.2 my battery health drop 2%. From 99% to 97%.

  32. I gotta say the batter life on my iPhone 11 got so much better with the update..I just went 2 days with almost extensive use, with using maps and social media apps on a single charge

  33. Iphone 6s plus massive heating even just watching youtube… why is it like this? I have no problem with the last update 😥

  34. It’s been pretty good for me so far and a lot of things has been fixed for me as well I had no crashes or none of that it’s much better 🥰❤️

  35. i still have problem with ram management even after i rebooted my iphone 11

  36. My iPhone x is overheating now with this update while using the ipad charger.

  37. Hey Aaron! You have one minor flaw in this 13.2.2 survey. You don't give an option for people still using 12.x, so I was forced to make an invalid selection. So, your results are likely slightly off. I'm still on 12.4, which was not an option, so I chose Android.

    You fixed your last survey on iOS 14, where you give a choice of "Show me the results", which was fine. Love the channel! Keep up the great work.

  38. Anyone with stutters and jitters even without 10 sec waiting times? My XS Max suffers a lot 🙁

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  45. Considering the age on Iphone 6s since its release its has excellent performance and battery management on this IOS 13.2.2. Except I noticed that "Announce messages with Siri" not showing as an Option in Messages or Settings in iphone 6s

  46. I've got an iPhone 7 and iPad Air 2. I've been having an issue with the iPad, when I go to update an app, the progress circle just sits there, never showing any progress. I close the App Store and reopen it, still nothing. Only way to correct it is to restart the device, then the progress circle start to work. Not an issue with my iPhone, just the iPad. It started with iOS 13.2, and is still a problem with 13.2.2. Doesn't happen all the time, seems to be at random. Hopefully, 13.2.3 will correct it.

  47. Today i realized that my wifi connection at work gets disconnected after I turn off the display.

  48. Working great on my Xr and battery life has improved

  49. I charged up my XS last night & unplugged it at noon. 100% Looked at it at 5:30 pm 94%. Did not even use the phone! Losing 1% / hr. @ idle .Damn! on 13.1.3??????

  50. Battery life not very good on my 11 pro ,it drain fast then iOS 13

  51. Outlook farts out occasionally. Annoying.

  52. Still don’t have the announce messages with Siri option

  53. I must say I preferred the other way apple used to track the battery usage. This screen time is bs because I have used the phone for about 12 hours straight and that screen time didn’t reflect that. This tells you screen time over 24 hours. I liked every time you charged it it restarted

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  58. I have iphone 11 and iPad Air 2019…….no problem after running through everything.

  59. Wow after reading the comments here it looks like this update has lots of problems.

  60. My iphone SE is very weird with the battery these days. It really uses a lot of battery just by using twitter, and also by listening to music. Also, the way it’s being drained (so to speak, sorry English is not my mother tongue) is pretty irregular. Sometimes, it doesn’t use any battery at all, others it jumps form one figure to another… Thinking of changing it…

  61. Brilliant Aaron, thank you for all your hard work ….

  62. My 🔋 in my 10 Xs max is better

  63. Have you noticed that there is NO mention from apple of how when u “crop” videos now, given that you can “revert to original” in the future at any time.. you are basically being forced to keep the FULL file size..regardless of how much you crop. Seems like a lazy way to make people end up needing more storage unnecessarily

  64. The new problem is battery life. 4 hours screen on time and it’s 5 % battery on iPhone X

  65. They moved all the Tabs in Safari to the + (hold) I had like 30 open, I nearly (iPad ~ Window) moment when I went into safari and they where all gone . (iPad Pro 10.5”

  66. I'm thinking of not updateing my xr at all! even though Aaroan says that updating your iphone is better for your battery health. But according to my experience, I've bought xr in 2018 on 3 decmber. and since last two updates my battery life drobpped from 96% to 93% on 13.2.2. Now im thinking of sticking in one update where i find my battery is good and lasts half of the day. Apple is strange

  67. Cant wait for the next update, On my iPhone XR after installing this update, the battery life is terrible. Really terrible =(

  68. AirPods pro connections issues also transparency/anc doesn’t work sometimes only rebooting phone fixes it. Ip11pro Max 13.2.2 but notice this on 13.2 and even 13.3 beta 1

  69. Hey aaron.

    I was playing Fortnite in iPad 6th gen. And I hate it. This, this ios update really sucks for me, i have a massive fps drop, and APPS STILL QUIT UNEXPECTEDLY FOR MY IPAD please Aaron i really need help

  70. I’m having problem with Google Keep and while copying large texts in the page or app hangs the application completely!

  71. The update was pushed to iPhone 8 actually not iPhone 7 or 7+

  72. I have a XS Max and I have had no issues with battery since 13 HOWEVER 13.2.2 has destroyed my battery my phone is under a year old and it's at 100% battery health and I don't use apps that drain excessively in fact I don't even use multiple apps at the same time I used to have 9 hours of normal use before getting to 20% now under 3 hours of normal use and I'm at 20% I really hope some fix come out and I have tried everything hard reboot everything! This is a nightmare.

  73. i7 on 10.3.3. Should I upgrade to 13 ?

  74. I have an iPhone Xr. It works better now, especially the battery, but in my experience it worked much better on iOS 12.4.1. Now from time to time it doesn't pair well with my car

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  76. Your wallpapers are too good, wait eagerly for every video to try out new wallpapers ☺️

  77. Drag and drop no longer worked on my iPad Pro!

  78. on my pro max the miss called tab not disappearing after the missed call has been removed….I have to power the phone off the get rid of it

  79. The notification panel is creating some trouble.

  80. The notification panel is creating some trouble.

  81. The notification panel is creating some trouble.

  82. Speaking of Mail, iOS 13.x.x is still giving me issues with the Apple mail app. New messages don’t get marked as read until opened twice, get duplicates in the Send folder, recipients who use Thunderbird don’t receive my emails at all.

  83. Screen rotation Bug I opened my iPad Pro 11 inch my screen went from portrait to landscape on my home screen when I unlocked it


  85. Every time i go to notifications weather the iPhone is locked or unlocked I can’t go back to the home screen when i swipe up the control center will appear instead of going back to the home screen. I’m using iPhone 6s.

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    I can’t seem to find it.
    There’s no turn off button in accessibility > haptic touch section anymore.

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    I go back to 13.2 already

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  90. I will use voice text. When I start to speak it will automatically type the word “catch”

  91. I m using X on 12.4.3 and battery time super excellent i am
    Not going to upgrade on ios 13 😜

  92. I don't know if I'm lucky but I haven't been having no problems

  93. Battery drains issues on my iphone 7 13.2.2

  94. I’ve been on my IPOD touch 7G and it been way better since 13.1

  95. Is hard reboot different than just shutting down and turning on the phone?

  96. 13.2.2 is so heavy and slow

  97. I use new xR (10 days age) battery is draining fast . I have issues with wireless charging too …. it works very bad

  98. Just had a weird issue, after updating straight away, i kept my pro max away for some time, approximately 3hrs, i came back and the battery dropped from 50% to 23% and when i hold the phone to use it, the phone just froze

  99. Ich liebe Apple und möchte auch nichts anderes als IOS, aber die ganze UPDATE – S.C.H.E.I.ß.E. der letzten Wochen geht mir im Moment echt auf die Nerven! 😡😡

    Wann wird das BESTE BETRIEBSSYSTEM der Welt endlich wieder so flüssig & toll, wie wir es von Apple kennen und gewohnt sind? 😳

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    please send 200000 rupees
    for buy iphone 😭😭😭
    please help dont ignore😢
    please give this phone

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